Charlie's Blog: VIDEO--Deadpool



I want to die a natural death at the age of 102 - like the city of Detroit.

This movie is Rated R. Seriously Rated R. With nudity, graphic violence, profanity, and all the rest. This is not a movie you want to see with your kids though they probably have already seen it between sessions of smartphone porn in the privacy of their bedrooms. There is nothing socially redeeming or uplifting in Deadpool. It is just wickedly funny.

Can I recommend this movie? That is hard to say. If it were a serious movie, I would tell someone that it was a waste of your life to watch it. But it is a comedy, so it only has to deliver the laughs. On that score, Deadpool will brighten your day and make you feel better.

If there is a bigger theme to Deadpool, it would be about finding humor in the madness and tragedy of existence. There is one part of the movie where Wade Wilson aka Deadpool and his love interest play a weird game of seeing who had the crappiest life. It is humorous, but it masks real pain underneath. When Wilson is transformed into Deadpool, he retains that sense of humor through the crucible of his suffering. He becomes a scarred and disfigured individual who has been through a terrible ordeal. But that ordeal has made him indestructible. Deadpool is given a healing factor that makes him virtually invincible. Despite being made a new but uglier version of himself, the humor shows that his personality has not been obliterated but enhanced.

Deadpool's nemesis is Ajax who possesses the same healing factor and indestructibility but with a crucial difference. Ajax cannot feel physical pain, and he suggests that he cannot feel emotional pain either. Ajax also has no sense of humor though he does get one of the best lines. "When I’m finished parts will have to grow back you."

For most people, Deadpool is just a funny movie, but I see it as a commentary of an existential nature. Basically, Deadpool and Ajax represent two responses to a nihilistic world of horror. This world is balanced by Colossus, a do-gooder trying to recruit Deadpool into the do-gooder outfit of the X-Men. Basically, he is a religious trying to get Deadpool to repent of his sins and "believe." Deadpool can't do it. He can be super, but he can't be a hero.

Deadpool is a massively popular character in the comic book world, and this movie's success is due to people's love for this character. Deadpool is caught between the dark world of Ajax and the world of light of Colossus. It reminds me of myself when I was an atheist. I could never become a robust sinner, but I couldn't believe either. But no sinner is without a future, and this is why Deadpool is put in the hero column despite being an anti-hero. He is a sinner with a future. We will have to see what that future will be. But whatever it is, you can't take your kids to see it.