Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 10


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 10

I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done.

Ben Bernanke is without a doubt one of the biggest fools to ever chair the Federal Reserve. If you follow the link above, you will find a wonkish blog entry that obscures the basic idea that the Fed can stimulate an economy by injecting money into the economy in various ways. Basically, it is the idea that you can increase the water in an almost empty swimming pool by taking water from the deep end and pouring it into the shallow end. The problem with the Federal Reserve, and its line of chairmen is that they believe they actually control the economy when they actually control just the money supply. By destroying the stable value of the currency, they create economic uncertainty and increase malinvestment by those parties receiving the debased currency. But the prosperity of an economy is not based on its supply of dollars but on the supply of goods and services. The Federal Reserve is simply a gigantic wealth destruction machine. The disturbing thing is that these fools actually think they are making things better. It's like the old practice of bloodletting where doctors bled patients who got better right up to the point that they died usually from severe loss of blood.

Buy gold. Seriously. These fools have the plane headed for the mountainside, and they believe they need more throttle because turning the plane to a different course might cause turbulence. FOOLS!


I was stunned when I got the text on my phone that Prince had died. He is the only guy I know who could manage to die young at 57. I feel old at 45, yet that guy was still a creative wonder to behold. Unlike Michael Jackson, Prince's death left a musical hole because the guy still had juice in the tank. Prince was a combination of James Brown, Jimi Hendrix, and Sly and the Family Stone. I think he was an absolute musical genius.

As I write this, they are sorting out the details concerning his death. An autopsy and toxicology report will have to be done, so I've learned to hold my fire until the evidence is in. Never come to conclusions until you have the facts. When that happens, I will have more to say then.

The thing I admire most about Prince was his prolific creativity. That guy turned out a massive amount of music for himself and for other artists. It is rumored that he has a vault of unreleased recordings that is so vast that we may be getting posthumous album releases from Prince for the next century. It makes me want to get to work on my writing.

May God grant him peace.


Michael Voris recently came out with a heartfelt and moving confession prompted by threats of nefarious types in the Archdiocese of New York to expose his past and cause scandal. That effort on their part seems to be backfiring as I have read many comments of support for Mr. Voris. I must admit that his confession puts my opinion of him in an entirely new light, and I see that the work of his entire apostolate at Church Militant comes from a sincere place. Whatever his flaws, Voris honestly loves God and the Roman Catholic Church.

The Archdiocese of New York and the evildoers there would do well to listen to Michael Voris and repent of their sins. If God can forgive Voris, He can forgive them, too. I think this is all Voris wants is for evil priests and prelates to repent in sackcloth and ashes for the sake of their souls and the souls of the flock in their charge. I support what Church Militant is doing. I will keep praying for them and their work.


This country has reached a new low of idiocy when so many on the Left will go to the mattresses over where trannies go to pee. Let me inject common sense into this debate. Men are men. Women are women. Transgender freaks are psychologically disturbed individuals who mutilate themselves in a vain attempt to deny what is in their DNA. If it was up to me, sexual reassignment would be outlawed in this country. Any doctor practicing this butchery would lose his or her license at a minimum and face prison time if that is what it takes.

The real issue here is that Charlotte, NC, passed a law letting people choose whichever restroom or dressing room suited their "identity" instead of their actual biology. Naturally, some pervert would take advantage of such nonsense to expose his uncircumcised member in the presence of ladies in these private spaces and hide under the cover that he identified as female. The State of NC simply reasserted common sense in the matter prompting leftist fools like Bruce Springsteen to reassert idiocy in response to this common sense.

The Left has always been stupid, but this is a new level of imbecility even for them. Public urination can get you on the sex offenders registry for life even if you were caught peeing in the bushes. Yet, the Left wants to fight for perverts to expose themselves and for women to be ogled by these perverts in private spaces. It just blows the mind. And just when you think Donald Trump would come to the rescue with some politically incorrect common sense, the guy absolutely blows it. Trump is a choke artist. I think many Trump voters and supporters already regret casting a ballot for the guy.


--I support the Brexit. Sovereignty matters.

--I don't have an issue with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. She was an awesome American. But I know it will end with Harvey Milk on the $20 bill and maybe Caitlyn Jenner after that. This is what the Left does.

--Barack Obama is the worst president in my living memory. He is so bad that even Bill Clinton talks smack about him. When O leaves office, I think there will begin a trickle of criticism followed by a tsunami. He is an abomination to this country.

--I believe Hillary will be the next POTUS. That is a grim prospect especially with that SCOTUS vacancy.

--Christian parents need to homeschool their children. Good private schools are also wise. Public schools are a disaster and represent a form of child abuse and neglect.

--The sportcoat and blue jeans thing is ridiculous. Either wear slacks or ditch the coat.