Charlie's Blog: Bonzo's Montreux


Bonzo's Montreux

Not everybody likes or understands a drum solo, so I like to bring in effects and sounds to keep their interest.

This song comes from the last Zep album, Coda, which was a collection of various tracks from Led Zeppelin's span. Basically, it is a drum solo, but it has a musical quality to it that makes it distinct from other drum solos. Without a doubt, John Bonham was one of the greatest drummers in rock music. My favorite drum work of his is on "When the Levee Breaks." Without the drums, it wouldn't be a rock song. It would be a blues song, but those thundering drums make the song totally rock.

I have been tremendously busy lately with an epic reading binge. This is why I haven't written much for the past week or so despite having a backlog of posts on my list. I feel like my brain wants to explode with all the things I want to get on the electronic page. But I have been reading this book that has captured my fascination. It is a disturbing book and a sad book. Yet, I suspect that many of the things in this work of fiction are actually fact. I will definitely cover this in the review I do on the book, but it is something I'm not able to put down. I've neglected the blog and other things in the meatspace of my life to finish this almost 700 page novel. I am at the halfway point as I write this.

I hate binges. My last epic binge came when I would have epic marathons of DVD watching with The Wire, the greatest television show ever made. I would get the discs from Netflix three at a time, and I basically spent virtually every waking non-working hour of my life for the next month watching every single episode. It was highly addictive. This novel I am reading is not as addictive. For something that I found really good, I recommend The Count of Monte Cristo. That was one of the best reads ever. I was homeless at the time in the late nineties, and that book carried me through many lonely hours.

I don't think the novel I am reading is great literature, but it is compelling because of those factual elements. I would probably be done with the book except I keep taking breaks to go to the internet to see if it is true. The things I have discovered in those searches cause me a great deal of grief. Evil is real, and its best trick is to disguise itself as an angel of light.

There are never enough hours in a day for me, so I have to just deal with doing things in their time. I will write again when I finish reading that book.