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Whole Lotta Love

Every other name is taken, Think of a great band name and Google it, and you'll find a French-Canadian jam band with a MySpace page.

Sometimes, I think about getting a cool name for the C-blog. For instance, Zen Habits is a cool name except somebody already has that name. This is why I tend to go for more generic sounding names sort of like "The Dave Matthews Band." According to Wikipedia, the DMB got its name basically because they couldn't come up with a better name. The current name was sort of a working title that stuck.

The Mission has had some name issues. Their original name was The Sisterhood but someone else claimed it. They became The Mission until it was discovered an American band had the same name. So, in the USA, they became The Mission UK. How lame is that?

The coolest name for a band ever is the Red Hot Chili Peppers. With a name like that, you were on safe territory. I remember thinking the Electric Eels would be a cool name for a band, but I googled it. Naturally, it was taken by some forgotten punk band from the seventies. So much for cool names.

If you need a cool name for a band, you can always go to Band Name Maker that generates band names randomly. I don't know if they are cool names, and they might be taken. The problem is that your band name is not going to have a cool backstory to go with it. With Led Zeppelin, they began life as The New Yardbirds to fulfill some dates made by the old Yardbirds. But this ran into some legal trouble, so they decided on "lead balloon" after a description of a proposed supergroup of Keith Moon, John Entwistle, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck. That morphed into Led Zeppelin, a great name.

The dumbest band names are Hoobastank and Chumbawamba and Matchbox 20.

If I was a musician, I'd probably have a band called "Charlie's Band." There was actually a band named Charlie, but Google doesn't produce anything for Charlie's Band. But I'm not a musician. I just go with generic names. Generic would be a cool name for a band.

I have failed to beat my Twitter addiction, but its effects on me seem to have diminished. The problem that I have with Twitter is that I need and perhaps crave its stream of information and also the ability to share. I've learned to tailor my follow list to a more narrow set of interests and accounts and to remain within a 500 max follow. So, I follow mostly conservative news, Catholic news, and a smattering of finance/econ accounts. The result is that Twitter has been tamed for me as it is no longer a fire hose but more like a faucet.

The problem as I have written about before is the glut of information, but there is a solution. This is called "editing." Basically, I am learning the discipline of editing. On one end, you have a maximalist impulse to try and read it all. On the other end, you have a minimalist impulse to detach your internet connection from the wall and try to live the ignorance is bliss lifestyle. The mean between these extremes is the edited stream of information. My wife is a master of this. She uses Facebook but follows only a handful of people. Her primary news sources are the Drudge Report , MarketWatch, and the MSN homepage. Basically, she visits four sites plus email. She seems more informed than me, and I am a total news junkie.

Recently, I toyed with making a "Catholic Drudge Report" where I shared links on a blog derived from sources in the Catholic news/blogosphere. I like the idea, but the downside is that it takes way more time and work than I can spare. I don't know how Matt Drudge does what he does, but I guarantee he doesn't also have to hold down a 40+ hour a week job like I do. This is why I like Twitter because I merely have to click a button on the things I am currently reading.

For the past year, I have been very frustrated over many things and projects. One of those projects is my writing. Part of me wishes to keep blogging and get to work on the other things in my notebook. The other part of me wants to throw in the towel, nuke the blog, and spend my leisure time on something more profitable. I can't lie. I still struggle with this frustration. Writing even for those successful at it is largely a fruitless endeavor. Even Jesus left the writing to others.

I would like to settle these frustrations this year. My frustrations deal with things like doing apostolate, wanting a different job, deciding where I want to live, and on and on. I think the writing of St. Ignatius of Loyola would be helpful with these frustrations, and I think I will spend time learning this Ignatian way of discernment.