Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 5


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 5

Do not enjoy yourself. Enjoy dances and theaters and joy-rides and champagne and oysters; enjoy jazz and cocktails and night-clubs if you can enjoy nothing better; enjoy bigamy and burglary and any crime in the calendar, in preference to the other alternative; but never learn to enjoy yourself.

Delaware North has to be one of the most evil and greedy companies to ever exist. Why do I make this bold pronouncement? This capitalist cancer has been so greedy as to trademark the names of iconic places in Yosemite National Park including the name of the park itself. It would be like a babysitter sitting your kid only to find out later that you have to change the kid's name because that sitter trademarked the kid's name. More here. Needless to say, there ought to be a law against this kind of thing. But the bigger point I want to make is this a perfect example of business and the free market divorced from human decency, values, and common sense. Free market fundamentalists need to take note.


The Chris Christie endorsement of Donald Trump will be remembered as an awesome thing especially if Christie becomes Trump's running mate. Those two would be a double barreled shotgun blast to the Washington establishment. Is this an endorsement from me? Heck no. But I can see a Trump-Christie ticket happening.

It must also be noted that Christie really hates Marco Rubio. Rubio is a political darling which Christie has never been. The NYT reported a voice message from Rubio to Christie and talk of Christie's "future." Needless to say, Christie was highly ticked off with that. This pretty much sealed the deal for the Trump endorsement. That phone call will be remembered as one of Rubio's worst mistakes.

As for the rest of the GOP, they are desperate to squash Trump which can only result in him running third party if they are successful. This would mean a Clinton presidency. I suspect the GOP establishment would rather have Clinton instead of Trump. I am resigned to the inevitability of a Clinton presidency.


--Those virtual reality headsets for the smartphones are ridiculous.

--I have failed to beat my Twitter addiction. You can't be a writer or a journalist and not be on Twitter.

--Obama didn't make it to Scalia's funeral because he could not have refrained from smiling the whole time. Evil man.

--I have never finished reading Lord of the Rings. I have started many times, but it is not a light read. Heavy books are best read in small daily doses over time.

--Trump University took money from people and gave them a lousy education in return. How is this different from every school in operation today?

--My home is divided between Trump and Cruz sort of like those Duck Dynasty guys.

--Trump must be an idiot if he thinks abortion is a small part of Planned Parenthood's business. A primary reason why he did not get my vote.

--Ignore your blue collar and middle class voters, and you will get Trumped. Doubt this lesson will be learned.