Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 4


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 4

I love sleep. I need sleep. We all do, of course. There are those people that don't need sleep. I think they're called "successful.”


News of the death of Justice Scalia was a real blow. It could not have come at a worse time. Naturally, Obama skipped Scalia's funeral. I believe that Obama will select a nominee who is the mirror opposite of Scalia. The GOP controlled Senate will roll over and approve that nominee. As for Roe v. Wade, it will remain in place for at least another 40+ years. You will not see an end to legal abortion in your lifetime.

Bear in mind that brains and learning, like muscle and physical skill, are articles of commerce. They are bought and sold. You can hire them by the year or by the hour. The only thing in the world not for sale is character.--ANTONIN SCALIA


I voted for Ted Cruz. He is the closest thing to a true conservative that the GOP has running. But the Trump juggernaut keeps rolling. Meanwhile, Jeb Bush finally succumbed to reality and dropped out. Jeb never wanted to be president, and I feel bad for him because he let a lot of stupid people talk him into running. That was a real shame.

I believe Hillary Clinton will be the next POTUS. Bernie Sanders will rough her up a bit, but the Democrats want a lying bitch over an honest socialist. She will be the nominee barring a grand jury indictment and a perp walk. On the GOP side, Trump will continue to do his damage resulting in a loss for him or a brokered convention. Trump is a sore loser. so he will run third party which will shave off the 30% of GOP voters who like him. This will give it to Hillary in much the same way that Ross Perot gave it to Bill Clinton in the nineties.

Predictions like this are almost certain to be wrong since I would have predicted a Bush ticket this time a year ago. Things have a weird way of turning out. So, why make predictions? The answer is simple. It is defensive pessimism. I imagine the worst thing that can happen and predict it happening. The worst thing that could happen to this country would be to have Hillary Clinton become president. I hope I am wrong on this prediction.


The FBI wants Apple to hack an old iPhone, and Apple says no for the sake of privacy. A new one with a fingerprint scanner is easy because it can be opened with a cold dead hand. But those passcode locked phones are like Fort Knox. Should Apple cave in?

Apple is right about one thing. Once this iPhone gets hacked, they all get hacked. The stupidity of the government is that it doesn't realize that its own phones can be hacked with the same trick, and a foreign government like China is certain to do it. Basically, the USA wants Apple to open Pandora's Box. It reminds me of that EPA idiot from Ghostbusters who ended up unleashing hell on New York City when he made the guys shut down their "illegal" grid. The government should take John McAfee's offer to hack the phone for them. Otherwise, the iPhone will be rendered worthless to everyone including the US government.


There isn't day that goes by that Pope Francis doesn't utter something that scandalizes the faithful. it gets tiring, and I no longer defend him or his off the cuff pronouncements. I think this papacy is a train wreck.

I have learned two things from this pontificate so far. The first is to be a good example, and Pope Francis has shown remarkable wisdom in his small acts. What you do matters more than what you say. Conversely, Pope Francis has shown remarkable stupidity in his words. Sometimes, the wisest thing to say is nothing. The papal press conference on an airplane is virtually certain to be a near occasion for scandal, and Francis does not disappoint. If I was a papal advisor, my advice would be to just shut up.


Francis seems to have tapped into the wider phenomenon of celebrity narcissism. Trump has the same issue. Then, there is Kanye West who has let his ego grow beyond the bounds of sanity. The ultimate outrage is Kanye asking people to donate to his personal debt relief fund. Whatever happened to humility?

Pride goeth before the fall, or so we have been told all of our lives. Fools reach their zenith of stupidity with their arrogance. Anyone can make a mistake, but it takes a special kind of foolishness to see that even your mistakes are things to boast about.


--I said Rubio would not survive SC. I was wrong. Most predictions are wrong. It is best to not make predictions.

--Between candy and beer, I miss the beer the most during Lent. This is because fruit is as good as candy for a sweet tooth.

--Ben Carson should drop out. Kasich may hold on for Super Tuesday.

--I am still Twitterfree. The thing I miss most is the ability to share things I read. Sharing is caring. Maybe I need to realize most people don't care.

--Economics matters more than social issues to voters in this election. It is still the economy, stupid.