Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 3


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 3

I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.


Football is a great game to watch, but it is not a great game to play unless it is flag football. Injuries that would sideline an athlete in another sport are endured on the field week after week by players who don't play a sport so much as suffer massive abuse to their bodies. I'm not in support of a ban, but I definitely don't think parents should encourage their kids to play this sport. Football is like being in a car wreck each week. Play basketball or baseball instead.


Rumors flew about Twitter changing to an algorithm for its timeline to make it Facebook Lite. Naturally, this resulted in a firestorm under the hashtag #RIPTwitter. Now, why would Twitter risk alienating its hardcore users with this move? That should be obvious. Twitter has yet to make one red cent from those users. It doesn't matter what they want if the company is going to go bankrupt. Meanwhile, Facebook makes money. Naturally, Twitter wants to become Facebook. The problem is that if Twitter users wanted Facebook, they would be on Facebook. What can I say? #RIPTwitter. This problem has no solution.

Readers of this blog know that I am a Twitter addict. Twitter replaced my Facebook addiction the same way some smokers start dipping smokeless tobacco which is probably worse. But at the least, you can dip indoors without anyone losing their minds. Similarly, Twitter allowed me to broadcast myself into a world that doesn't care. Anyway, the Twitterpocalypse has made me try once more to become a Twitter Quitter. Social media is the crack of the internet. JUST SAY NO!


When I listen to music these days, I am constantly disappointed. For instance, someone will publish a YouTube video of some song they heard and gish on about it. Intrigued, I hit PLAY and become underwhelmed at the banality if not downright awfulness of the tune. Most of the music is either derivative sounding like they are trying to be Simon & Garfunkel or innovative by sounding like noise in a machine shop. It doesn't matter if it is pop, rock, country, or hip hop. It is 95% bad with brief flickering moments of goodness.

When I turn to the world of classical, opera, and the original folk music of the world, I am always surprised and satisfied. Why is this? And when I listen to jazz, it is pretty good or just plain bad. Jazz seems to straddle the chasm between classical and pop. It demands a theory.

My theory is that the old music of Bach and Beethoven is the superior music. The reason jazz and early rock was decent was because it was informed by that music. Now, that we are late in the game. Today's artists are far removed from that classical world. Where McCartney and Lennon listened to Chopin, today's artists merely listen to McCartney and Lennon. It's like the copy of a bad Xerox.

I'm tired of bad music. Life is too short to listen to this crap.


Donald Trump is better at winning than he is at losing. Iowa gave him humility. As for the hit job on Rubio from Christie, that was a murder-suicide. I am glad that the GOP ranks are thinning. i am hoping SC will convince Rubio to pack it in as well as Jeb Bush. I think Carson is running for VP or something. As it stands, I see the race as Trump vs. Cruz. Establishment Republicans are not going to win this one.

On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders can celebrate his victory, but I don't think he will win another state except Vermont. The only thing I like about Sanders is that he brings attention to Wall Street shenanigans, but his socialism is idiotic. I love free stuff except that I know nothing is really free in life. Maggie Thatcher got it right when she said that socialism is great until you run out of other people's money. As for Hillary Clinton, she will pay lip service to that socialism, but the only government check she is interested in is the one she will get as POTUS. Both candidates would be a disaster for this country.

So, this company that has been making a considerable profit decides that what they are making now just isn't enough. So, they decide to stick it to their American workers by moving to Mexico. My only surprise is that those angry workers didn't lynch the guy giving the announcement.

Where do I begin? The move would be understandable if the company was losing money, but they aren't. We could say something about unions, but it is obvious the union had not hurt this company. We could say something about trade imbalances, tariffs, or what have you as if mercantilism is the answer to our woes. But none of that matters. The problem isn't unions, trade policy, or the business environment in the USA. The problem is that working class people have been tricked into thinking that a factory job or any job with any corporation is a good thing.

People can mutter about some non-existent social contract between companies and workers where if the worker does right by the company then the company will do right by them. But this is ridiculous. It is the inherent nature of all corporations to exploit everyone and everything for the sake of profit, and there is never enough profit. Granted, this unbridled greed will lead to the demise of these shortsighted outfits, but it doesn't change their inherent nature. Corporations are economic cancer.

Workers need to look to becoming self-sufficient once again. The promise that a good job with good wages was always an empty promise. The smart worker must always realize that there is zero security with a company. Companies are evil. They were founded upon a lie and all the labor laws and all the unions have done nothing to change the fundamental nature of companies except to bolster the lie. In the end, it just makes the bitter pill of truth that much more bitter.


The mother of Columbine shooter Dylan Klebold came forward to reveal what I have always suspected during her 16 year silence. Dylan Klebold had good parents and a moral upbringing. Shocker, I know. It seems almost humorous to watch the left wing media try to explain evil as the product of root causes, economic injustice, and on and on. But these fools merely listen to the excuses that evildoers make for being evil. The reality is that there is no excuse for evil. Dylan Klebold never had an excuse for doing what he did. None of his victims deserved to be killed.

People want to blame someone like Sue Klebold as if she had done something wrong to have her son turned into a murderer. But this denies that even crappy parents don't teach their kids to do evil, and Sue Klebold was not a crappy parent. Her tragedy could be any parent's tragedy. This is because people have free will, and some people use their free will to choose evil instead of good.

Sue Klebold suffers because the person the public wants to punish killed himself in the mayhem he created. Dylan Klebold escaped the justice of man, but no one escapes the justice of God. If anything beyond Dylan Klebold can be blamed with Klebold, it would be the nihilistic worldview espoused in the culture that teaches that God does not exist, and the only moral law is to do whatever you wish. 

As for Sue Klebold, we need to give that woman a break. The only thing she could have done to prevent that tragedy would have been to blow her son's brains out before he went to school that morning. Only in hindsight does such a ridiculous notion seem reasonable.

Donald Trump read this poem at a rally. It is basically about the Muslims migrating into Europe causing mayhem and turning that continent into hell. I think it is awesome, so I post it here.

On her way to work one morning, down the path along side the lake.
A tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
"Oh well," she cried, "I'll take you in and I'll take care of you."
"Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in, for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman," sighed the vicious snake.

She wrapped him all cozy in a curvature of silk.
And then laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk.
Now she hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived,
She found that pretty snake she'd taken in and revived.
"Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in, for heaven's sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman," sighed the vicious snake.

Now she clutched him to her bosom.
"You're so beautiful," she cried.
"But if I hadn't brought you in by now you would have died."
She stroked his pretty skin again and then she kissed and held him tight.
Instead of saying, "thank you," that snake gave her a vicious bite.

"I saved you," cried that woman
"And you've bit me even, why?
You know your bite is poisonous and now I'm going to die"
"Oh shut up, silly woman," said the reptile with a grin
"You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in."

This is another version of the classic tale of the frog and the scorpion. The reality is that Muslims are snakes, and you should never trust a Muslim. Islam is not a race. It is a religion, and it teaches murder and rape as being good things. You can't be a good Muslim anymore than you can be a good Nazi, a good rapist, or a good murderer.

As for Trump, he is not my first choice for President, but he is definitely my second. We will see if he becomes my first in November.


Are we in a recession? Your answer to that question depends on which numbers you believe. The permabears believe we are in a recession. The Fed and the permabulls believe otherwise. What I do know is that the Fed and the optimists have a track record of being full of crap. But if being optimistic makes Yellen keep raising those interest rates, I am for it. Bubbles need to bust.


--Transformers 6? A sixth reason to not watch movies.

--Rubio won't survive SC. The state will eat him alive. Prepare to be vetted, bloodied, dirtied, and shamed.

--The easiest way to end Muslim immigration is to turn off the welfare spigot in Europe.

--Kasich may become the establishment candidate with Rubio and Bush out. Nobody wants an establishment candidate. They want change.

--Fox News has to be right wing to make up for the left wing slant of Fox Television.

--Black voters stick with Clinton because to vote for someone else would require them to think independently which isn't allowed in our democracy unless you're white.

--Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster. When Obama leaves office, even the Democrats will vote to repeal and replace.

--It is hard to lecture the world about its evils when the world has already pointed out your evils which are considerable. Clean up your own house. Be holy.

--Lent always increases my cravings for candy and beer.

--There is no such thing as efficient government. The only government Bernie Sanders would cut would be law enforcement and defense.

--Not voting for Clinton will probably keep you out of Hell. Voting for Clinton will send us all to Hell. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

--You can't get arrested for rape in Sweden unless you are Julian Assange.