Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 2


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 2

I don't want to achieve immortality through my work; I want to achieve immortality through not dying.


We are constantly inundated with new and improved products except they aren't actually new or improved. They are mostly just hype. For instance, Ivory soap still does the job it has always done. It needs no improvement. So, with that mindset, we are hit with the "Internet of Things' which pushes the idea that your refrigerator or your toaster will be new and improved if it was connected to the internet. This is not the Internet of Things but the Internet of BS. Many things need no improvement. The whole purpose of the IoT is to make your old products obsolete and to make your new products obsolete with an OS upgrade. Where did they get the idea for this stupidity? You are probably holding it in your hand. The smartphone took the perfectly useful flip phone and made it "obsolete." Now, smartphones become obsolete every two years with OS upgrades that make the old phones run slower. The brilliant minds behind this farce want to extend it to other things like your stove and your vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile, old but perfectly useful products go to fill our landfills. It is enough to make one a Luddite.


I used to laugh at all those claims about Obama being a Muslim. Hearing the man speak in a mosque has now convinced me that the man is a closet Muslim. Obama talks about religious freedom even though he violates religious freedom on a regular basis especially when it involves Catholics. So, to hear this guy decry the "abuse" of Muslims in this country is a stretch. Here's the deal. Islam is not a religion of peace. Granted, not all Muslims are murderers and rapists, but it is obvious that Mohammed was a murderer and a rapist. Islam teaches murder and rape. It is a religion of evil. Yet, to call it what it is risks being called evil. It boggles the mind. In this speech at a mosque with known ties to terrorist organizations, Obama called us to "tolerance" for a religion that has no tolerance for anything except Islam. I fully expect Obama to convert when he leaves office.


Ted Cruz wins. Trump whines about the win. The Establishment tries to put Rubio in the seat reserved for Jeb Bush. Meanwhile, Huckabee, Paul, and Santorum drop out. On the Democrat side, Hillary's people basically stole the victory from Bernie Sanders. My take? It's just Iowa. See you again in 2020.

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You gotta love Apple. So, the latest fiasco with the iPhone is that an OS upgrade and a third party repair job will turn your junk phone into absolute junk by shutting it down. It makes me love my flip phone even more. I do not always use a smartphone, but when I do, I choose Android. Stay smart, my friends.


I have been watching John Chen try desperately to turn Blackberry around as a smartphone maker. Here's the problem. Nobody wants to buy a phone from a company that hints that it is going to abandon the handset business leaving you with an unsupported device. I always wonder why the market gravitates to single standards like VHS over Beta. The answer is clear. No one wants to be stuck with the Blackberry PlayBook that BB abandoned as soon as it hit the market. Loyalty is a two way street, and customers will not pledge loyalty to an outfit with one foot out the exit. Chen should quit with smartphones and see if anyone cares about BB as a software enterprise.


Rod Dreher is a writer over at The American Conservative who I enjoy a great deal and find very thought provoking. He is famous for the "Benedict Option" which I am contemplating these days. Dreher is a conservative, a fellow Southerner, and a devout Orthodox Christian. He used to be Catholic. Let's admit it. He still is Catholic because he writes so much about the Catholic Church. Dreher is not so much Orthodox as he is a Catholic expatriate. It's like a guy who ruined his affair because he kept calling his mistress by his wife's name. I understand that it is hard to be Catholic when you have crap like the sex abuse crisis and a cabal of sodomite priests. But the Catholic Church is the one Jesus founded. Accept no imitation. Once you know this, you have to get in it and stay in it.