Charlie's Blog: Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 1


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects 1

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out.


On the old blog, I would do a weekly commentary on events of the week and whatever other things crossed my mind at the time. I stopped writing it with the new blog wanting to be more serious and focused. But then I realized something. Nobody reads this blog. So, I can write for me, and I always enjoyed writing the RTOVS each week. So, it returns.


Art Bell flames out again. Apparently, doing a second show after he aborted Dark Matter on Sirius was more trouble than it was worth. I suspect that Art is a quitter. He quit C2C. He quit Sirius. Now, he quits himself. My advice to Art Bell is to stay quit. I think the guy enjoys doing a show until it becomes work. Then, laziness kicks in, and he is out. Bell is one of the most talented hosts I know, but the work ethic of George Noory trumps the talent of Art Bell. Noory shows up for work. Bell does not.


I did not watch the GOP debate on Fox that Trump decided to shun because he can't take a grilling from Megyn Kelly. I also didn't watch his alternative event. But I do think his feud with Fox tells us a great deal about the man. When the going gets tough, the tough takes his toys to another sandbox. I'm not sure how that is going to work if he ever becomes the commander-in-chief.


It amazes me that this woman has yet to be indicted. The FBI has virtually declared they have the goods on her, and the court of public opinion already has her convicted on the email scandal. If I had to guess the motives, they are waiting for the last minute to torpedo her making it hard for someone like Joe Biden to jump in and make a run. The funny thing is that I think Clinton would still keep running from a jail cell. There is one thing I have to admire about Hillary Clinton. That woman is not a quitter. I am not sure I can say the same about Donald Trump.


The air continues to leak out of the Fed created stock market bubble since the rate hike in December. As long as the Fed keeps tightening, the stock market will eventually touch reality which is that the American economy is in the toilet. This is because the US consumer is broke. Between low wages and maxed out credit cards, Americans can't buy anymore crap. This has devastated the Chinese because they are the ones who produce the crap. So, their markets are tanking, and production has shut down. This means less need for energy which has caused an evaporation of the demand for oil. This has driven down the price for a tank of gas at the pump here in America. This is the world returning to normal. The Federal Reserve cannot tolerate normal, so they will almost certainly cut their hike and maybe go negative with another round of QE to "stimulate" the economy. Basically, they want you to keep spending money you don't have. The rate hike was a tap on the brakes before we sail over the edge of the cliff.


iPhone sales are flat. Samsung is reporting similar numbers with its smartphones. What gives? I predicted a long time ago that smartphones were a long term fad. If you doubt this, look at how tablet sales have cratered. AT&T has decided to try unlimited data once again. Verizon has capitulated and offers a non-fragile smartphone. The reality is that these phones are very expensive to buy and use, and they don't last very long as drops and OS upgrades make them useless. Their primary virtue seems to be the ability to watch YouTube videos while standing in line at the grocery store. Granted 2/3rds of the market now uses smartphones, but a third like me still cling to cheap and durable dumbphones. It is disco vs rock, and we all know that disco died despite its white hot popularity.


So, some pro-lifers told some lies to expose the truth about Planned Parenthood being a seller of fetal baby parts for cold hard cash. A grand jury in Texas refused to indict PP for its evil, but they did choose to indict the pro-lifers for those fibs. Now, I despise Planned Parenthood, and I also think these indictments are politically motivated. But we need to address an important point that pro-lifers seem to be missing. The end does not justify the means. As much as I want abortion to stop in America, I don't believe we should resort to evil to bring about that good. In the case of Daleiden and Co., we see where lying gets you. Yes, the truth was exposed. The problem is that people don't care. This is because they already know that abortion is murder. That murder is legal, so the law is on the side of the murderers. It is not on the side of liars.

We are not allowed to do evil that good may result from it. This is known as consequentialism. Christians are not consequentialists. When Planned Parenthood called out the lying, they were right. Being murderers does not negate their right to the truth. This will be a hard thing for some people to accept, but there it is. I pray that Daleiden gets off light. I also pray for an end to abortion.


A relatively new and popular Catholic website did its pitch for donations, and that pitch fell on deaf ears. Now, I write, so I know what writing costs which is nothing but time. Consequently, the only payment I expect for the time spent writing is time spent reading what I have written. But should writing be my job? If it was, I would starve. The simple fact is that writing has never been a very lucrative profession unless your last name is King or Rowling. This brings us to the issue of the professional Catholic.

The Catholic Church receives service from prelates, priests, deacons, and religious. The vast majority of these people derive their living from the donations of the faithful. Almost all of them are celibates, so they have no families to support. In addition, many of them have taken vows of poverty, so they own no property beyond their personal items. Finally, they all work doing many hours of service. Aside from the scandalous and the disobedient, these people are virtual slaves for the faith. And if you think this is impressive, consider the Opus Dei numerary who works a day job for pay and turns over the check to the Work, lives a life of celibacy, and performs apostolate on top of it all. I do not know of anyone with a greater devotion than these numeraries. They follow the example of St. Paul who ministered as well as making tents to not be a burden on his fellow faithful.

What am I saying here? If you are a layperson without a day job writing blog posts about the Catholic Church, you might want to reconsider whether people should pony up cash to keep you and your family fed while you produce your content. Get a job.