Charlie's Blog: No Quarter


No Quarter

Close the door, put out the light. 
You know they won't be home tonight.

The Muslim horde descends upon Europe, and they will show no mercy despite the mercy shown to them. They have no quarter. They have taken to sexually harassing and raping the women. If such a thing were to happen here, I would not hesitate to arm myself and kill every one of these perverted monsters. The answer to some problems is extreme violence.

People enamored with mercy don't want to hear such things, but they forget how Jesus cleansed the temple. Likewise, once the Holy Land was set aside for the Israelites, they were commanded to cleanse it. Once forsaken, the Babylonian, Greek, and Roman hordes were allowed in to defile it. Nothing can defile God. But His presence or absence with us depends upon how hallowed or desecrated we allow ourselves to become. The temple that Jesus cleansed would be demolished later in God's providence.

I have no problem with pacifism. I don't think priests or religious should take up arms and fight. I don't think it is a job for women. But I do believe the world needs knights, and knights kill people. And there are people who need killing. ISIS qualifies as well as Muslim rapists. Europe needs to cleanse itself of this disease. It should begin by repenting of secularism and socialism, and it should end with the forcible expulsion of Muslims from the continent. Mosques should be demolished. Islam should be outlawed.

People may decry my extremity on these things as bigotry and Islamophobia. What I propose is what is practiced in Saudi Arabia, and I hear nothing said about that country where converting to Christianity or opening a church is a death sentence. The simple fact is that these Muslims know what they are about while the West has lost its way.

This is a rambling essay, so I won't turn it into a diatribe about Islam and Western decline. The simple fact is that the USA and Europe have been in moral and spiritual decline for my entire life. I can honestly say that this country had more moral fiber during the Reagan years than today. Now, the Republican Party seeks desperately for another Reagan and facing the faux Reagan of Donald Trump. It reminds me of the Old Testament story of how the Israelites brought the Ark of the Covenant out for some war and got their asses handed to them. They presumed upon God expecting His aid despite their lack of holiness. Similarly, Trump promises to make America great again, yet he offers no clue as to what made America great in the first place. This is a man on his third trophy wife and thinks his book on dealmaking deserves to be number two after the Bible. Of the two books, I think he has only read the one he wrote.

I don't like any of the GOP candidates. Rick Santorum interests me a bit, but he is still really bad. Basically, he was the senator from Pennsylvania that didn't live in Pennsylvania. He had a brief bit of excitement in 2012 but was vaporized by Romney who would immediately draw more support than Santorum if he ran again. You have Rubio who is one bimbo eruption away from oblivion according this source. I think this will happen the moment he wins a poll. This is what took out Herman Cain.

On the Democrat side, you have Bernie Sanders and a woman who seems destined to go to jail. The thing both parties have in common is that the voters despise the status quo. Plus, 20% of Democrats would vote for Trump. As it stands, Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. The only thing I can say about this is that he isn't Obama or Hillary. He also has the good sense to recognize the threat of radical Islam. Beyond that, I don't see how he will be an improvement. He will be taking the wheel at the moment the car is sailing over the edge of the cliff.

This brings us to economics as the air seeps out of the hole in the bubble the Fed made when it hiked rates last month. They have papered over a recession, and it is now visible. Their solution will be to paper it over again with zero interest rates, negative interest rates, quantitative easing, and creative fudging of the data. I want to see hope in the bubble collapse, but I think it will be a sucker punch. Only the Austrians get it, and none of them work at the Federal Reserve. The currency has to collapse before sanity prevails. Buy your gold. I am not kidding on this.

I have been off of Twitter for a week now. It has not been pleasant as I am always struck with the urge to tweet something I just read or to lose myself scrolling through the endless feed of tweets. When I beat this addiction, I will never do social media again. There is no trick to beating an addiction or a habit. You suffer until the suffering ceases. If you fail, you get up and try again. Ultimately, the only good habit you need in life is persistence. Persistence eliminates all of the bad habits and establishes the good ones. The other word for persistence is perseverance. It all ties in with fortitude.

I find that people don't want pleasure so much as life free from pain and discomfort. I don't think such a life is possible or even desirable. I am no masochist. I do not enjoy pain. But a life without pain horrifies me. It has taken me a lifetime of suffering to come to this point, but I find that to be a complete failure in life you must first be made comfortable. I think this is why Europe is facing its Muslim invasion. They became comfortable.

When you embrace suffering, the burden of that suffering immediately becomes lighter. I find that it is not the thing so much as what we think about the thing that makes it so bad. Once you accept suffering as inevitable and essential, you just chin up and learn to endure. Pain changes you. I think this is why God allows it. Nothing happens to us that is not for our ultimate good.