Charlie's Blog: Jeremiad



Righteousness exalts a nation,
But sin is a disgrace to any people.

This is an email I received from a friend, and I found it too good not to share. It has my complete endorsement.--C.

Charlie, I can't say this to too many other people I know; but I can say it to you. Because you will understand. You have the [Catholic] faith and the intelligence to understand.

Isaiah Chapter 10. The God of Abraham [God] "uses" the evil intentions of 'the Assyrian' to punish the Jews, to punish His Chosen People, Israel. Not to destroy them, but unequivocally to punish them. There is no other legitimate interpretation of the text.

And why are they punished by God? Very simple [and repeated a thousand times in the Torah]: because of their sinfulness, because they have failed to 'keep the Covenant' they had made with God, failed to keep the Commandments.

In our modern "kumbaya" Catholic culture, which exclusively speaks of God as "Loving" and "Merciful", with never a word about His Justice or His Judgment or Hell, to say what I am about to say is anathema. I understand that. But it is the truth nonetheless.

Angela Merkel [and Barack Obama and the legions of "multi-cultural/politically correct" antichrists who "lead" the world today] are a scourge sent by God on the world to...punish us for our sinfulness. Romans 13: "...all legitimate authority is from God...". Popular aphorism: "a people gets the leaders it deserves". Etc. The patent sinfulness of our [modern] generation is too well-documented to bear repeating here. Suffice it to say that we live in very evil times indeed. And God sends us "the leaders we deserve". Saul, anyone?

And, of course, Merkel and Obama, et. al, are merely the key which opens the door to God's wrath. We "deserve" them because we are SO saturated with sin and SO very distant from God and SO opposed to Him in our pride and sensuality and self-sufficiency. But they are merely the key to the door of God's wrath. This wrath is what we see today in the Middle East, Asia, North Africa, and Europe. The civil strife and extreme suffering about to come upon Europe will be carried out by Arabs, by Muslims, by godless pagans intent only on satisfying their bloodlust for non-Muslims and their lust 'tout court'. But they are merely instruments in the hand of God Himself.

If you throw a stick at a dumb animal, for example a dog, what does the dumb animal do? It bites the stick. But we, as presumably rational creatures, and certainly we as Christians, must be able see more than that. The stick didn't throw itself at the dog. Likewise, these Muslim/Arab/North African 'descendants of Cain' and 'children of Ham' are merely following their natural lusts, for ejaculation and for blood. And so they rape and they kill.

But they are merely 'the stick'. Isaiah 10 (and numerous other OT passages) make abundantly clear that God EXPECTS us to keep His Commandments. They are COMMANDMENTS after all, and not just "suggestions". And if/when we FAIL to keep His Commandments, He WILL punish us, in an attempt to bring us BACK to Him, through repentance brought about by suffering.

'Deus ex machina': if we don't want Muslims (and/or homosexuals and/or every other deviant Antichrist culture) to overrun us and subjugate us and rape our wives and daughters and horrendously persecute and kill us, then we need HOLY. There is NO OTHER solution.

STOP masturbating. Stop committing adultery. Stop sodomizing. Stop 'Usurizing'. Stop aborting. Stop contracepting. Stop killing. ETC, ETC, ETC.

START "putting on sackcloth and ashes". Start praying constantly. Start being pure of heart and chaste. Start refraining from judging and condemning our brothers in the faith. Start serving others. Start kneeling in humble prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. Start making truly sincere confessions. Start doing penance for our sins. Start, start, start.

My point? Chesterton was right. The "problem with the world today" is...ME. I was watching tonight another video of a highly indignant Brit [] going on and on about how "the Muslims" were so evil and cause SO much suffering and SO many problems in Europe today. Which (preaching to the choir, right?) is all QUITE TRUE. But then I stepped back and connected the dots. Sure, the Muslims are indeed miserable creatures with a thousand miserable characteristics (vessels of clay, ignoble use, right?). The Brit is 100% right in his assessment of the surface level reality of what is going on. "That damn stick is hard and it hit me right square in the face and it hurt me a lot". Gotcha.

But the Muslims are merely THE STICK. If we were [as a people] a holy people, fearing the Lord and walking steadfastly in His Commandments, these horrible wretches would never get within a thousand miles of us. Because the Lord Himself would "be our refuge". And He would have NO NEED to send 'the Assyrian' to punish us for our sinfulness and infidelity before Him.

This thought has been ruminating in the back (and front) of my mind for some time now. But it truly is right in scripture: keep the Commandments, fear the Lord, and walk uprightly before Him, and He will take care of 'everything else'. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His justice and all these things will be given to you besides". So simple! Not easy. But simple.

Anyway. That is my assessment of the world at this moment in time. Thank you for listening to an old drunken Irishman. Your comments are always warmly welcomed.