Charlie's Blog: Dazed and Confused


Dazed and Confused

To be everywhere is to be nowhere.

I've been writing more lately. Part of this comes from adhering more to a writing schedule. The other part is that I have gone back to writing for myself. I have found in my readings about the habits of many writers is that they wrote the same way other people went into a job. They punched the clock and got down to work. This approach works. As for writing for myself, I had to accept the fact that no one reads this blog. I spent a lot of time trying to write for my audience, so I would craft hard and edit ruthlessly. This cut down on my frequency of posting, but I think it upped the quality. BUT NO ONE READS THIS STUFF.

It doesn't bother me that people don't read the blog except when I have gone out of my way to make it more readable. It's like cooking a meal that no one is going to eat. Why waste all that food? When no one eats what you cook, why cook? But you can't quit cooking because at least one person needs to eat, and that would be you. I will cook for me at least. By the same token, I am going to write for me now. Writing is not my profession, but it is my hobby. As long as I like doing it, I will keep doing it. If others read it and like it, that's nice, too. But I don't care. I write for me now.

Yesterday, I heard someone complain about their smartphone. This person had cracked the screen on her phone, so she went and got it fixed for $200. The same day she got it back, she cracked the screen again. My ancient but indestructible flip phone which I have had for years now cost the same as her repair. I am utterly convinced that the smartphone is the most poorly designed electronic device ever created. Any device that is that fragile should be tossed in favor of an older but more durable piece of equipment.

I abandoned this post a few days ago because I simply ran out of time to "finish" it. I never actually finish one of these stream of consciousness essays. I just abandon it at a lengthier point. I come back to it now because I have time and caffeine in my system. A lot has happened inside of that gap.

The financial apocalypse has resumed. Basically, Yellen and Co. have put a pin to their bubble, and the air is slowly leaking out. It would collapse completely except for circuit breakers and manipulation and expectations that the Fed will rescind its action. My personal belief is that the Fed will rescind the rate hike at its next meeting. But those payroll numbers indicate a strengthening economy. Blah blah blah. I don't know the future. I just know common sense, and common sense says that you can't create wealth with a printing press. This must end badly or else we are living on the homeworld of Bizarro Superman where up is down, left is right, and good is evil.

Everyone is coming to me now to tell them what is going on as they watch their retirement accounts tank. BUY GOLD. That's all I can tell people. I believe in capitalism, but I must qualify that by saying that not all capitalism is the same. The current flavor of capitalism is a debt fueled kleptocracy.

It's time for a second cup of coffee.

One of the things I have learned in life is that you can't wait for things to be optimal or perfectly planned before doing something. Sometimes, you have to jump out of the airplane before you have your parachute strapped on. My job has taught me that lesson because I have never had a perfect day at work. Disasters happen regardless of your preparation.

These rambling blog posts are an example of what I am talking about. You just start and see where it takes you. I am always amazed at where I end at. I would never claim that this is my best writing, but I do believe it is my best thinking. It captures the storm that is always swirling in my brain.

I have so many things that I want to do in 2016. I won't be going to the gym, but I definitely want to make some progress in becoming a saint. Sainthood is the goal and purpose of life. The only real failure in life is to not become a saint.