Charlie's Blog: The Battle of Evermore


The Battle of Evermore

The Queen of Light took her bow,
And then she turned to go,
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom,
And walked the night alone.
LED ZEPPELIN, "The Battle of Evermore"

This is another one of those stream of consciousness things I have written so many times. The only difference now is that I have titles shamelessly stolen from Led Zeppelin songs. I have so many things on my mind now. They are pieces floating in a stew of cognitive chaos. Alone, none of those pieces would justify an essay, but together, they can be a blog post.

The first thing I have to admit is that the zombie apocalypse has yet to happen. This is the term my wife and I give to what we consider to be the inevitable financial collapse that will happen when the bubbles across various markets burst when the Fed raises rates or some other event causes a collapse. That future calamity is looking more and more like it will be the collapse of the US dollar. In the meantime, those of us who know that wealth is not created with a printing press look like chicken littles. I have grown weary of waiting for this day of financial reckoning. People may wonder why I would look forward to this apocalypse, and the reason is simple. I am a saver, and today's financial world punishes savers and rewards spenders. I have never been better off financially than I am right now in my life, yet I can't pursue any of my goals because of this screwball economy. It is maddening. Yet, I have to keep faith in common sense and hope that I will still be alive when it finally prevails.

The second thing on my mind is the Muslim menace. I have already written about this before, but the new twist in the story is the inability of people to see Islam for what it truly is. One of those people is Pope Francis. Even St. Francis of Assisi was more confrontational to the Muslims than our current pope. What we have today is indifferentism run amuck. The bottom line is that leftists will walk all over faithful Christians in their efforts to not offend these rapists and murderers who believe they have the sanction of Allah for their crimes. Unfortunately, one of those leftists is our own pope.

I am very disappointed in this pontificate. I can't go a single day without Pope Francis running his mouth to some reporters who run wild with the latest scandalous thing the Holy Father has said. The Vatican PR people walk it back except it is obvious to everyone at this stage of the game that Pope Francis actually meant what he said. These are not mere gaffes or errors in translation. My personal belief is that a modernist sits in the chair of Peter, and his aim is to undo the modest good achieved during the last two pontificates. The traditionalists were the first ones to cry foul but now even the moderate but faithful crowd have grown alarmed. It is one more thing I have to endure.

On the political front, I have to shake my head and try not to vomit as I consider Clinton vs. Trump in 2016. It's like trying to decide if you want to get punched in the face or the guts. I have been politically unsettled for the last couple of years after my decade long fling with libertarianism. But there is one thing I have to confess. I have never voted for a Democrat in my entire life. If I did, I punched the wrong button in the voting booth. I don't even bother wondering what the Democrats have to offer because they are always the party of death because of their pro-choice stance. A pro-life Democrat is merely a person without the courage to switch to the GOP.

I despise Donald Trump because the man is not a conservative. It is important for people to understand what conservatism is really about. Conservatism is not an ideology like libertarianism or progressivism. Russell Kirk tried to spell it out, but he drew his circle wider than he needed to because the essence of conservatism is a belief in judeo-christian principles as opposed to those of utopian fools. Vladimir Putin can be considered a conservative. Donald Trump is not a conservative. Trump is a bag of dog poop set on fire and being readied to launch at the doorstep of Washington, DC.

The dog poop prank might be funny. But is it constructive? Will it make this country better? This cuts to the essence of what being a conservative is all about. The conservative wants to make things better. Failing that, the conservative at least doesn't want things to be worse. The rebel and the revolutionary don't know if things will be made better or worse, but they do know things can be made different. This is Trump's fundamental appeal. He is different.

For me, I can understand why people would be enthusiastic about Trump. My life feels like Groundhog Day. I think everyone should watch that movie because it is a deeply philosophical movie cloaked in a raucous comedy. Bill Murray's character goes through various strategies and stages as he deals with his existential predicament until he comes to the conclusion that doing good is the best way to live. But before he gets to that stage, he becomes self-destructive. This is the stage the USA is in now. Trump is just the electorate aiming the pickup truck towards the cliff.

My wife and I call this existence "purgatory." The most excruciating aspect of it is wondering when it will end. I suspect that it ends for us the same way it ended in the movie. You stop thinking about yourself, and you start thinking about others for a change. I think this country has a long way to go in its purgatory. I don't think a loudmouth egomaniac with bad hair is going to save this country. I can say that a Hillary presidency would certainly damn it.

No matter who the Republicans nominate, he or she will be a lesser evil than Hillary Clinton. I can honestly say that I preferred Bush to Obama, and I thought Obama might be a decent guy. I was an idiot for thinking that. Now, we have a woman who might become the first president sworn in while wearing an orange jumpsuit. Yes, I would vote for a flaming bag of dog crap before I ever voted for Hillary Clinton.

This brings me to the issue of my writing. I have tried and failed repeatedly to quit this gig. It is at the point of comedy now. For most people, they struggle to sit down at a keyboard and write anything. For me, it is the opposite. Writing is my dirty habit. I have no vices except this one. I've tried starving it, but I suppose I will just feed it in earnest now. I don't know how I will ever find the time or resources to feed it, but those crackheads find a way to feed their habits. If you see a bum lying in the street scratching a pencil in a notebook, that is me.