Charlie's Blog: Immigrant Song


Immigrant Song

We have a bubbling successful melting pot in this country so long as the ingredients are essentially European.

Immigration is a big issue in the news today. First, there is the xenophobic campaign of Donald Trump that is part common sense and part imbecile on the issue of immigration. Then, Europe is threatened to be swallowed by a horde of Muslim refugees coming for socialist welfare benefits while creating zones of sharia and terrorism tolerated under the ridiculous notion of multiculturalism. Everyone seeks desperately for a one-size-fits-all solution, but that notion is the fundamental problem. There is no single solution to the problem because immigration is not a singular issue. This is because immigration depends on the quality of the immigrants.

The most potent example of this quality of immigrants that I can give would be Cuban immigrants in Florida. When Castro took over Cuba, a steady stream of Cuban immigrants came into Florida seeking asylum. For the most part, the Cuban community in Florida has been a blessing. They have come and prospered and displayed strong family values and fidelity to the things that make America great like hard work and entrepreneurship. When I am in Florida, I soak up the community atmosphere that the Cubans have brought to the state. But not all has been sweetness and light with this immigrant song as Castro took advantage of the political asylum the USA was offering to Cuban immigrants to empty out his prisons and insane asylums and dump his unwanted on America's shores in 1980. These criminals were the Marielitos who became a curse when they arrived. This mixed blessing taints all immigration as those who come to a country can either be a benefit or a detriment to that country.

With Europe, the issue is clear cut. Muslims are an abomination. This is because Islam is an abomination. Most of the world's religions can be tolerated because they make people better instead of worse. It makes them care for their families and refrain from murder and rape. This is not true of Islam. Muslims are so bad that even other Muslim countries don't want Muslim immigrants. Even many of the Muslim immigrants have figured this out making many of them deny their Muslim faith and embrace the Christian religion of Europe. My advice to European states is to reject all Muslim immigrants. What we may see as immigration is actually an invasion of a people that mean their new countries no good.

In the USA, the story is much different because the immigrants here are mostly from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America and profess the Christian religion. I meet many of these people, and I see them as the salt of the earth. But I would be a fool to think that all Latinos are family oriented and God fearing people. Some of them are merely looking to live off of the welfare state here in the USA while others are involved in the drug trade and gang activity. Those people don't belong here. But if you take the Trump approach, you would destroy the good in your aim at the bad.

The problem with immigration is that people don't want to make these judgment calls. As the USA and Europe has become more secularized, the criteria for deciding who should stay and who should leave has been lost. Political correctness has replaced Christianity as the measuring rod, and racism and xenophobia are the backlash to the political correctness. The result is that one side wants everyone in while the other side wants everyone out. The immigration problem is fundamentally a problem of national identity crisis. Is this a Christian country? Is this an enlightened modern secular progressive country with utopian delusions? Or is it merely a white country for whites only?

The way out is simple. Christian countries need to identify themselves as Christian and only allow Christian immigrants within its borders. This puts out the Muslim, the unwed mother, and the thug with a face tattoo. Naturally, this solution is DOA which leaves atheism and racism to make the decision. With Christianity relegated to the sidelines, once great countries will become cesspools of degradation. My one hope is that the USA will learn from Europe as that continent will collapse before this country does.