Quitting Facebook

Quit Facebook. I quit Facebook altogether about 15 months ago, and haven’t looked back. It was too time-consuming, even after I’d reduced it to just family (no friends or work colleagues). It was too many people oversharing, too many ads, too many people posting what they’d eaten or scored in a game or complaining about some part of their day. It was noise. So I quit, and my life got quieter. Sure, I miss out on some things my family is doing, but I usually hear about the important stuff, and being able to let go of what you might be missing out on is really key to simplifying. You’re always going to miss out on something.

When I read those words yesterday, they struck a nerve. Leo doesn't go guilt trips, but he definitely makes you question how you spend your time. For me, it is like an alcoholic who gets that moment of clarity and considers sobering up. I admit it. I am a Facebook addict.

I don't use Facebook like other people use Facebook. Most people keep up with friends and family. For me, it is a gigantic debating club, and I called my collection of friends the "Mix." This is because the wide variety of people I friended would often hate each other and fight it out over controversial topics to my personal delight. I am confessing here.

I posted Leo's quote on Facebook because this is what you do when you are a Facebook addict. One of my friends responded to the effect that Facebook was a good way to kill the time you spend waiting to die. Those words burned about as much as what Leo wrote.

I justified being on Facebook by considering it an elevated forum for the discussion of ideas and politics. But this is stupid. Facebook is literally cat pictures and dirty jokes. The best it does in terms of ideas is the self-generated propaganda people spew usually in the form of graphic photos accompanied with inflammatory soundbites.

The elevated forum I want doesn't exist on Facebook. It exists here on my blog. Granted, the C-blog isn't exactly a hall of academia, but it is way better and more substantive than anything I have ever encountered or done on Facebook. As for keeping up with friends and family, my wife does better on that than I do with my "connected" life on Facebook. Facebook is an escape from life.

I'm done with Facebook. Leo has convinced me. I thought differently when I had a life to waste, but I don't want to waste my life anymore.