TRUE SHIT-Long Dong Silver

Male porn stars are famous for their above average endowments. Ron Jeremy is measured at 9.75 inches. Another famous porn star was John Holmes but no official measure of his member exists. Holmes has been reported to be 10 inches to as long as 13.5 inches. What is not disputed is that both men are genuinely hung like a horse.

The king of them all was Long Dong Silver who was measured at a whopping 18 inches. The problem is that this claim is bogus because Long Dong whose real name was Daniel Arthur Mead used a prosthetic penis created with the help of a Hollywood makeup artist. The myth is shattered. A legend has fallen!

The man reported to have the world's largest penis is Jonah Falcon who has a 13.5 inch penis when fully erect. He does not do porn though he does work in the entertainment industry. BTW, the average man's pecker size is 5 to 7 inches.