1. I am watching the GOP debate as I write this. Newt just laid into Chris Wallace. Waiting to see what Ron Paul does.

2. It is official. Bert and Ernie are not gay.

They just can't quit each other.

3. How could any Republican vote for Mitt Romney?

4. You gotta love when a politician wraps himself in the flag, praises the troops, intones God, and completely dodges answering the question about the futility of those wars.

5. Here it is. This country is in a depression.

6. MEMO TO CONAN: Don't believe TBS. You got six months to turn it around. But you won't.

7. The cool thing about being a blogger is that I can't ever get cancelled. Of course, I'm not sure after five years that I have found my audience.

8. Ass!

9. I may have found my audience with that pic.

10. Country music vid of the day: