Is Everett Bogue the Most Annoying Man on the Planet?

Seattle is beautiful this summer. Every day I head out into the world to find a good cup of coffee, sit in the sun and craft the work. My biggest project right now is taking a digital sabbatical for the month of July. I won’t be answering emails, reading online, or interacting.

In solitude, I find the work that’s truly alive in me.

Minimalism & Beyond: A Conversation with Ev Bogue about Minimalism, Untethering, Evolving, and Living a Meaningful Life

Here's the deal. Imagine a guy who is a total slacker. This guy has no job. He doesn't work. He doesn't do anything. But like the makers of the emperor's new clothes, he is able to turn doing nothing into a total moneymaker. Sound impossible? Meet Everett Bogue, the guy who turned doing absolutely nothing into a business.

I read this interview with Ev, and I asked myself the same question I always ask myself when I read about this guy. What does this guy do? And who takes a sabbatical from goofing off?

I'd be really cool with Ev if he was a painter or a musician living a bohemian lifestyle. I'd point to his work and say, "This guy paints." But I can't. Ev says he writes. What the fuck does he write? I write. The only thing Ev Bogue does is write enough to get people to follow him and then flips them the bird. Then, he takes a "sabbatical" from all this hard work.

Ev's newest project is charging people $25 a month to read his shit. Goddamn, how fucking stupid do people have to be to pony up the cash to listen to some guy tell them to nuke their Facebook account and get off the internet? This is the cyber equivalent of collecting another person's feces and then selling it back to them with a sprig of parsley on top.

Here's the straight shit on Ev Bogue. This is a guy who does not want to work. The moment something becomes work for him he drops it. This is why he quit his job to become a minimalist with a blog. This is why he nuked that blog and flipped all the minimalists a giant fucking bird. And people pay him for this?

Vincent van Gogh was a broke motherfucker living on the patronage of his brother. You could make the credible case that Vince was a fucking bum. But he got up and painted every day, and he gave his brother the paintings. The guy had a work ethic even if he didn't have two nickels to rub together. Ev Bogue is the opposite of van Gogh. He gets up everyday and does nothing and manages to get paid for it. I have to give Ev credit. He is the smartest bum I have ever known.

I advocate minimalism as a thrifty response to a world gone mad on credit card fueled fantasies. I counsel minimalism as a sane response to a world filled with an overload of information. I think minimalism is the answer to the stress of not having enough time, money, and energy to fulfill the many projects we can pursue. But the key difference between me and many other minimalists is that I do not nor ever will tell people to embrace minimalism as an escape from work. Work is not the enemy. Work is your friend.

Ev talks about his "work" and his "craft." I don't see any work or craft. I just see this. This is the great insight Mr. Bogue gives us. I told you one thing. Now, I'm telling you to fuck off. By the way, you can buy my book for the low price of $17.

Ev Bogue is simply the most annoying person I know on the internet. This is the most charitable description I can give to a guy who expects the world to pay him for nothing. But the joke is on me because the world actually does pay him for nothing. The reality is that Everett Bogue is the Jackson Pollock of bloggers who turns nothing into celebrity and cash. But there is one key difference between Pollock and Bogue. Pollock had the decency to drink himself to oblivion and kill himself in a car wreck at age 44.

Here's a tip for Ev. Get a job. Do some work for a change. Fold up the yoga mat and wait some tables somewhere. Even Jesus had a job. Create something of real value instead of duping people into buying your bullshit books and then telling them to fuck off. As for fans of Everett Bogue, you need to wise the fuck up. Go read Thoreau. He will give you more, and it is free.