How to Get Rid of a Moocher

Moochers are a fact of life. We've all encountered them. This is the worthless friend asking for cash. This is the neighbor who borrows your weed whacker but doesn't return it. This is the family member that has fallen on hard times, sleeps on your couch, and won't get a fucking job. Getting rid of moochers is difficult. I have the answer.

Moochers prey on guilt. Because you feel obligated to help, you help them. The moochers then start using you. You feel that if you don't help them they won't help you in a time of need. Helping others is the Golden Rule. But all of this is just one massive trap. It is a combination of guilt and fear. Get rid of these, and you are free.

The first aspect to deal with is the fear. We want others to help us in our times of need. So, we try to build up credits, good karma, or whatever you want to call it. But does the moocher ever do this sort of thing? Hell no. Moochers don't give a fuck because society provides a fresh supply of suckers like you.

To overcome the fear, you need to become robust. You need to believe in yourself. You need to develop self-reliance. By doing this, few calamities will disturb you. But if there is a calamity that is more than you can bear, people will help you. Like the moocher, you can count on the benevolence of others. If they are willing to help the parasite, they are certainly going to help you. Being normally self-reliant, they are going to be more willing to help you knowing that you are not a moocher. The way to build the "good karma" is to have a good reputation for not being a bum.

Overriding the guilt requires that you reject the Golden rule as a basis of ethics and go with the Silver Rule instead. The Golden Rule states that we should do unto others as we would have them do unto us. This is a positive injunction because it lays on us a command to serve others and promote their well being. The Golden Rule condemns our "selfishness" and makes us a debtor to all people. Naturally, this plays right into the moocher's hands.

The Golden Rule is a horrible moral and ethical strategy. No one can ever live up to it, and it allows others to take advantage of us. It also takes away our enjoyment of life and the things we earn. Every good thing we have or earn comes with a moral price tag. So, we have to "give back." This is absurd.

The Silver Rule is superior to the Golden Rule. The Silver Rule states that we should not do unto others what we would not want done unto us. Basically, it commands us to do no harm. This is a negative injunction. You probably follow this rule already. This rule takes the guilt off of you. You don't owe anyone anything except to not hurt them. It is really hard to fuck this up.

According to the Silver Rule, you don't owe moochers anything. Besides, by helping them, you aren't doing them any favors. You are doing them a disservice. You are free to help others, but you are not obligated to help others.

Now that you have freedom from fear and guilt, just tell the moocher to go mooch elsewhere. The moocher might try the guilt trip one last time, but you know better. Fuck pity. Fuck guilt. Say, "Sayonara, motherfucker." The moocher is gone!