[U.]The U-Man Apologizes (Sorta) and Drops the Truth About the Illuminati!!!

in my last post i told everybody to perform oral sex on my DICK. charlie says this was not cool. i am sorry for you all being cocksuckers. SUCK THIS MOTHERFUCKING DICK!!!

you are all under the control of the ILLUMINATI. you don't know any better. i feel sorry for you DUMASSES. so EDUKATE yourselves about this conspiracy:

i think the illuminati are the ones behind the bilderberg group. they are KILLING us with mind control.

charlie says i spend too many words on the bilderbergs. here is something else i am interested in. ghost hunting is what i like to do on weekends. i believe in these things. watch it for yourself:

you gotta believe in ghosts after watching this SHIT. scary as fuck is what it is. you could be jacking off in the shower or SOMETHING and the ghost of Marilyn Monroe could be in there which would be kinda cool. would this be sex with the DEAD?

you people also need to learn the truth about 9-11:

i will have more next time. charlie says i can post on sundays since it is the SHIT day of the week when nobody reads the blog. fucking bastard.