Great Blue Collar Brands

If you are blue collar, you will recognize these brands. They aren't flashy, but they are valuable. These brands symbolize quality and have earned the loyalty and respect of working men and women everywhere. These are great blue collar brands.


No brand of apparel garners as much love and enthusiasm among blue collar workers like Carhartt. Started by Hamilton Carhartt in 1889, this line of apparel is devoted to quality and durability. You will pay more for Carhartt products, but they will be worth every penny. These clothes aren't fashionable nor flashy. But they endure. Every true blue collar man and woman wants Carhartt.


Dickies is also a very popular brand. While Carhartt owns denim and cold weather gear, Dickies owns the summer with their polyester/cotton blend pants and T-shirts. Dickies is also a top choice for uniform apparel. Speaking from personal experience, I have been wearing Dickies for two decades now, and I wear the clothes until they are threadbare. They are a top choice for me.


Every blue collar person needs a pair of steel toe boots, and the number one brand in blue collar footwear is Wolverine. You can buy some cheap imitations from Walmart for $40, but you will hate them. The $150 you spend on Wolverines will be worth it.

Another honorable mention is the Georgia Boot Company. I have had two pairs of these and worn them completely out. They are very comfortable and very durable.


Yuppies and hippies go to Starbucks, but blue collar people go to Dunkin' Donuts. The coffee is better and doesn't cost a fortune. The person behind the counter isn't sporting a nose ring and a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature. Another honorable mention is Krispy Kreme donuts (my favorite and a favorite of Southerners.) Both Krispy Kreme and Dunkin' Donuts have solid coffee and good donuts.


When blue collar people want breakfast served anytime, you will find them at the Waffle House. They've got it all--grits, bacon, eggs, sausage, biscuits, gravy, steak!--you name it. The Waffle House is also the meeting place for numerous drunks when the bars close at 2 am. There's nothing fancy about the Waffle House. It is just open, and if you are a blue collar guy working second or third shift or driving a truck up and down the interstate, the Waffle House becomes a very familiar place.


No beer in the world signifies blue collar more than Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Now, a mainstay among the hipsters, PBR is a different tasting beer, but it is a good beer. It ain't Sam Adams or Heineken or any other pussy beer you put fucking fruit in. PBR is just a solid American beer that just happens to be cheap. Other honorable mentions are Old Style (a Chicago favorite,) Iron City, and Miller High Life.


Blue collar people drive pick up trucks, and their favorite truck is the Ford F-150. This is the best selling pick up in America and a consistent winner for the Ford Motor Company. Chevy, Dodge, and Toyota also have good vehicles, and owners will debate you fiercely over the relative merits of each brand. But on sales alone, Ford is the choice of the blue collar man.


When it comes to heavy equipment, no brand shines out more than Caterpillar. The Caterpillar brand is so respected they they put it on boots and hats, and they sell. Blue collar people revere Caterpillar.


John Deere is another respected name. Like Caterpillar, you will see the John Deere name on licensed apparel. Farmers and others recognize the quality that comes with the Deere name.


Anybody that works with tools knows about the legendary Craftsman tool lifetime guarantee. If you break a Craftsman tool, they will replace it. No questions asked. This pledge has made Craftsman a top blue collar brand and spawned imitators. I've only known one person to ever need to replace a Craftsman product, and Craftsman was true to their word.


WD-40 is a mystery substance. It is a cleaner, a lubricant, and a hundred other things. There isn't a blue collar man alive who doesn't have a can of this stuff in his truck or his shop. WD-40 keeps the world turning.

That's it for blue collar brands. I'm sure folks out there can think of some others that I have missed. But these are the brands that have won the hearts (and cash) of working men and women everywhere. They are quality products, and I have not been compensated for these endorsements. I highly recommend them.