Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


Once in awhile, the SCOTUS gets it right, and they did so in striking down the DC gun ban. I think their reasoning is shaky as hell, but guns are an essential component to personal liberty. An armed citizenry is a free citizenry. Outlawing guns is stupid and hurts people while making them easy prey for criminals. I can only hope the SCOTUS will go further with gun rights.


This is when the SCOTUS gets it wrong. Child rape is deserving of th death penalty. As it stands, most child rapists are going to be killed anyway. Putting them on death row and killing them with lethal injection is probably more humane than putting them into the general population or decades in protective custody. The reality is that there are few crimes that are more repugnant than raping a child. Monsters like this are not fit to live.

I am not a huge fan of the death penalty because I think innocent people have died because of judicial fuck ups. But I think it is a fitting punishment for murder and the rape of a child. I would personally love to kill all child rapists and molesters. My hatred for them is probably extreme, but it tears my heart in two to think there are children who suffer like this in the world.


I am sad to lose a funny guy and a great freethinker. Carlin did what a great comedian should. He made you laugh, but he also challenged your thinking. This tradition hearkens back to the court jester who was the only one free to say what he thought. Carlin will be missed.


Russert was a good newsman. I thought he had shit for brains politically. But he did make the politicos sweat. For this, he will be missed.


Like it or not, Ron Paul did more for the libertarian movement than any politician before him. He did way more than any LP presidential did or ever will do. I really think the Ron Paul way of working within a major party is the way to go. I think it is a better strategy than trying the third party route. I hope Bob Barr shakes things up in the fall, but I have to face facts. Bob Barr will be marginalized and forgotten. I think more people will write in for Ron Paul than will vote for Barr.

I'm not wasting my time on the LP anymore. I'm going to do like those religious shitheads have done and create trouble within the GOP until people listen to me and likeminded folks. Ron Paul is doing this, and I support him in this.

Writer's Block

I have run out of things to write about. Actually, that is bullshit. The truth is I have been writing nonstop all day today, and I am simply scorched. They say if you have writer's block you need to write about having writer's block. It is a sure cure for what ails you.

I have a ton of projects going on, but everybody thinks I am goofing off or something. They only see the visible side of what I do because I keep the rest hidden. I will say that this is not the only blog that I keep. I can safely say that I generate about 100 pages of content each week. I am a machine, and I work in excess of 50 hours a week.

I don't understand writer's block. I've never had it. What I do get is writer's fatigue. I am feeling that way now which is why I have been neglecting the C-Blog. I will fix that this week. Thanks for hanging in there.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


This came out of nowhere. Dead from a heart attack. I liked Russert. NBC lost a good one. There will be a huge hole at Meet the Press.


Ron Paul called it quits, but the vows to keep on with a campaign for liberty and try to work within the GOP. Say what you will, no one has done more for libertarianism in terms of an election than Ron Paul. I voted for him, and he inspired a lot of people and their support.

I am a bit lost again. I can't deny that I am not overly enthusiastic about Bob Barr or the LP. I am very frustrated, and I am considering trying to go back and work within the GOP again to push the issues there. I think Ron Paul has given us a model to work from. I am divided between purity and pragmatism. Something for me to contemplate for the future.


It is hard to be enthusiastic about things when the price of gas is so high. I know all of this will work itself out, but I put the majority of the blame on a weak and inflated dollar. Ben Bernanke blows. He needs to ratchet up interest rates and force a recession. It is time to feel some sharp pain than this long drawn out misery.
I am sick of women that play GAMES. Grow up already.

Producers and Parasites

I divide the world into two categories--me and everybody else. Just kidding. . .

I do have two categories for people, but they are generalizations since people can go back and forth between them. These two categories are producers and parasites.

In your life or in any organization you find yourself in or observe, you will see these two groups of people. The producers are the ones who get things done. The parasites are the ones who get out of doing things.

No matter what, success depends upon the producers. If all you have are producers, things will be fine. If all you have are parasites, you have nothing. Producers can live without parasites. Parasites cannot live without producers.

We see these two groups throughout history. When producers have the upper hand, we get things like ancient Athens, the Renaissance, and America. When parasites have the upper hand, you get ancient Sparta, the Dark Ages, and the USSR.

These two groups represent the two paths you can follow in life. You can follow the productive path and be honest and work hard and strive to rise by merit. Or you can be a parasite taking the credit for the merit of others and rising by politics, personal favors, and betrayal.

I fall into the producer camp. Part of this will explain the strange nature of my life. I tend to do fine on my own, but I get undone by parasites. I'm not very political in the office politics sense of the term. I don't use people or try to take advantage of them. But they never hesitate to use me. It is their nature to be this way.

It does seem unfair that these parasites are able to do what they do and get away with it. But I do not envy them. I can always do what they do. I choose not to do this. This doesn't mean that I don't sell myself because I do. I am a shameless self-promoter. But I cannot do those things that go against my principles. Stealing and lying are two of those things. This is why I am a libertarian instead of a GOP hack.

Being honest and productive is a long hard road. There are easier ways to live, but there is no easier way to live with yourself. I know that parasites are essentially unhappy. Happiness is impossible without virtue, and parasites are without virtue. They are what Ayn Rand called "secondhanders."

At the end of the day, all you can do is work and make something good and stop worrying about the parasites. They made their choice, and you made yours. It is simply the choice between misery and happiness. I've met many happy producers. I've never met a happy parasite. I don't know who wins in the end, but parasites are nothing without people like me. You are always appreciated after you are gone.

The Personal Cost of Atheism

One of the things that is hard about becoming an atheist is dealing with the existential aspect of the decision. Giving up belief in God is a big worldview changer. I am convinced people believe in God more for these personal reasons than because they have carefully weighed the evidence. You can go on and on about fossil records and philosophical arguments. But the reason people persist in belief despite the evidence is because it is too upsetting not to believe. People believe because it makes them feel better and makes the world a better place for them even if it is an illusion.

When you become an atheist, you have to deal with the reality that there is no one up there looking out for you. There is no afterlife for you. And the ones you love who have passed away will never be seen again. That is a lot to swallow.

I had to deal with all of this. I was basically an atheist when I found my roommate dead in his room from a self-inflicted wound. I never prayed again after that. I didn't consider myself an atheist then, but it would be four years before I would say I was an atheist. It was about 5 years that I would even declare my atheism in the public way that I do now.

It takes time to make peace with the reality. For me, that peace came from reading Albert Camus. Camus was someone trying to make peace with these basic questions. He was asking if life is possible or meaningful without God. Books like The Stranger or The Plague were profound influences on me. It is why I am the compassionate person I am today. Without Camus, I would be a much darker person.

Many atheists come across as cold and unfeeling, and this is a shame. I don't think people like Hitchens or Harris or Dawkins fully understand the trauma of it all. I can relate because I was a person of faith. I am even working on a book on the subject called Peace Without God. I don't know if it will have a wide reading, but thanks to the internet, it will be available for public consumption.

I can't really answer all those questions or issues here. It is a big subject fit only for a book. All I can say is that I care, and there is life after God.

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.--ALBERT CAMUS