A Brief Moment of Idiocy

I share this for the sake of entertainment.

Love and Freedom

There is no happiness without freedom. I know this absolutely. In order to be happy and fulfilled, people need the room to find themselves, pursue their dreams, and be exactly what they want to be.

There is no happiness without love. It is in our natures as social beings to care for others and to want to be cared for in return. Infants deprived of human contact die in their cribs. Prisoners in isolation units lose their sanity. And it is the dream of many to find someone to share their lives with.

Love and freedom often come into conflict. It can be domineering parents wanting their children to fulfill the dreams the parents could not. It could be the controlling spouse who manipulates to get what he or she wants. Or it could be someone like me with his laundry list of requirements that a woman has to meet.

The love between friends is without this conflict. Our friends accept us for who we are. They don't tell us what to do. And friendships can continue indefinitely until one asks the other for money and doesn't repay it. But that is another topic.

The love between family members is tense. That is because family members believe they own you in some way and have some say in the way you live your life. But I learned to get along with my brother by not giving him constant advice. Advice is merely a clever way to run someone else's life disguised as being helpful.

Then, there is the love between lovers. This is the most tense of all. Acrimony and matrimony seem to go hand in hand. I know the reason why this is the way it is. When two people love each other, they also believe that they own each other. They take certain liberties with that assumption. They can be controlling. They can be demanding. And this begins to break down the love.

I have come to accept a radical notion. There is no love without freedom. Time and time again, I have run across people in relationships that have broken down over freedom issues. I will go so far as to say all relationships end for this reason. One party wishes to do something the other party does not agree with and vice versa. It could be something mild like spending money a certain way, or it could be something serious like adultery.

The reason our friendships last is because of freedom. The reason relationships do not last is the lack of freedom. This is the reason why a cohabitating couple can be together for ten years with no problem, but they get a divorce a year after they tie the knot. The relationship changes as freedom is taken away.

A couple of solutions have been offered to try and overcome this conundrum:

Both sides give up freedom for the sake of the other. You hope it is 50/50. It never is, and the tension begins.

Both sides want the same things, so there is no need to compromise freedom. This is simply bullshit. It is damn near impossible to find two people that are so alike that they never disagree on anything. The marriage of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward has been long lasting in a world where marriages have the shelf life of bananas. But they disagree all the time. Then you have seemingly perfect couples like Bruce Willis and Demi Moore who go splitsville but still enjoy being around each other.

I don't think compromise or compatibility are the answers. Neither one serves as a solution.

I believe that freedom is the answer. Of course, both parties have to agree that freedom is the answer. Beyond that, I don't see why any two people couldn't get along in a relationship. In fact, this is how all relationships start. Both enjoy the other and can do so for as short as one night or for years and even decades.

I am not advocating open relationships or open marriage or any of that bullshit. The fact that Hugh Hefner with his three girlfriends has ended up settling on Holly Madison shows that there is a monogamous streak in all of us. I can already predict the other two will fade into oblivion for Hef.

We can judge Hef, but we all do the same thing. It is called dating, and we do it until we settle on the one we like the best. Even polygamists have their favorite ones. They end up carrying the rest out of obligation. The rest of us do the same thing. It is called the ex-wife or the ex-husband.

So, how does this freedom thing work?

Basically, you let the other person be who they are, do what they do, etc. My relationships never last longer than six months, and that is because it is usually at that point where I start having to decide where things are going to go from there. So, I tally up what I consider to be my reasonable demands, see if they measure up, tell them to shape up if they don't measure up, then dump them when they refuse to do my bidding. In the one relationship where I got dumped, I was the one who refused to go along with her demands. Plus, I had issued a few of my own.

Generally, I have no problems with my relationships until this point. In fact, I can guess that the breakdown of any relationship began with a demand. When freedom is replaced with control, love dies. It will happen everytime.

I am generally tolerant of demanding women. You might find this ironic given my libertarian and individualist streaks. But this is what makes me so tolerant. It is always a choice for me to do what they tell me, so I always end up loving it. I just adore bitchy women. They never control me though they try. I obey out of choice and go the extra mile for them to show I do it out of choice. But even if I refuse, that has never been a dealbreaker.

The dealbreaker always comes when I ask them to change. The animosity comes when I try to give them advice. In short, no woman likes to be told what to do. They may get used to it and become doormats in the process. But they end up miserable. The life drains from their souls. This is not love.

My most recent ex told me that I had "killed it" for us. I thought she was totally wrong. I realize now that she was totally right. I had killed it. I made a demand, and that loss of freedom destroyed the love she had for me. I ripped it from her heart and pounded it flat into the concrete.

In a relationship, I am a benign dictator. But a dictator is a dictator. We can justify anything for the greater good, and most dictators do. In a relationship, we can justify anything for the sake of the relationship. But a relationship is an abstraction. There are only the people involved, and they are all that matters. My relationships end precisely when I start working on the relationship.

I'm never going to tell another woman what to do ever again. I will love them as they are without demand. They are free to do what they want and live as they please. As long as it doesn't hurt me, I don't care. And if it does hurt me, I will end it. But I can honestly say that this only applied to one of my previous relationships. Out of all the women I have been involved with, only one ended up doing real damage to me. I've made all the rest pay for it.

That is where I stand on that issue. If I ever find myself in another relationship, it will be totally different. I can guarantee that. My freedom is intact and will always remain so. I'm just ending my career as the benign dictator.
Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.

Security and Freedom and Other Stuff

There are two impulses that run through the population. The first impulse is to be free from need or harm. The second impulse is to be free to do what you want to do. These impulses clash with one another.

In the political realm, we see this conflict between libertarians and statists. Statists in both the Democratic and Republican parties always threaten people with real and perceived dangers in hopes they will exchange their freedoms for security. This is how we get the welfare/regulatory/police state we now enjoy in America.

Libertarians point out time and time again how these dangers to security are overblown and are largely unfounded. But even if people do believe these arguments, they are lulled into complacency by the welfare effect. Even if they are convinced that things would be better, people are not going to move from comfort to discomfort unless situations force them into it. For instance, I find it magical how people are able to find employment as their unemployment benefits expire.

My greatest fear on these things is being caught in the welfare effect. I have lived long enough to see and realize that my periods of greatest improvement came on the heels of disasters like being kicked out of my house by my parents or losing my job or getting my car stolen or getting dumped by a girlfriend. All of these diasters fostered in me a desire for self-improvement and a will to overcome. These disasters became assets.

What is true in the larger political sense is true in the personal sense. When you take care of people, they stop taking care of themselves. In trying to help people, you make them worse. It is like feeding prunes to starving persons. You fill their stomachs, but you are killing them.

Security is an illusion. 9/11 showed this. All of our tax dollars go to a bloated intelligence and law enforcement network that is very efficient at harassing law abiding citizens but are powerless against some fuckheads with box cutter knives. Now, a terrorist is powerless on an airplane not because of law enforcement but against passnegers no longer deluded by false promises. This is why the shoe bomber was foiled. He was taken down by people passionately concerned for their own welfare.

No one cares for you as much as you do. People will tell you that they know better for you, but do you really trust them? I'm not saying you should not trust them. It just shouldn't come at the expense of your economic or social freedom. When it comes to the marketplace, you are free to seek a second opinion. This is not so with the government.

This paradigm applies to personal relationships as well. Consider parents and children. These relationships work reasonably well until the teenage years when the kids begin to assert some autonomy. Things begin to break down as the kids wish to enjoy both freedom and security at the same time, and the parents recoil. They don't know what to do. They can't handle it. At some point, acrimony ensues, and kids learn they are better off on their own. At least, you hope they learn this.

This also happens between romantic partners. Generally, a man and a woman come together (sorry to you gay and lesbian folks), and they either make it work, or they don't. I see this as the conflict between love and freedom. People want the security that comes from having a life partner. They want to believe that there will always be someone there for them which is why people still cling to the illusion of marriage when there is nothing permanent about it except the bitterness. The conflict comes when one or both partners want to do things the other does not agree with. It might be something benign like taking a different job or going to grad school or something worse like gaining 50 pounds of blubber or doing drugs or taking on a new lover.

People want to have it both ways, but it doesn't work. This is why marriages fail. You can't live with someone and also do everything you want without somebody getting pissed off or used in the process. I learned this very well in my last relationship. I learned it so well that I won't ever do it again.

No matter how laidback I am and no matter how far I lower those hurdles, no woman is ever going to clear them. I have an idea why this is. You teach people how you want to be treated. By giving women freedom, I teach them that it is OK to try and use me. This is not OK. Their minds cannot make the distinction between freedom without responsibility and freedom with responsibility. Basically, there is no freedom without responsibility. If you want to do your own thing, you have to pay your own way and take the consequences.

This is the dream of all people. It is to have freedom without responsibility. It can't be done. You might as well try and find a square circle. But I believe freedom is worth those consequences. My family has disassociated from me, and it is a difficult burden for me. But the freedom I have is worth it. I will not be dictated to by either my family, my friends, or my girlfriend.

You are better off alone. I know I am. This doesn't mean becoming a loner. I am a very socially engaged person. My friends are a big part of my life. I also go out on a lot of dates. I have a network of people, and I believe in the value of people for the sake of mutual exchange and benefit.

I will always retain the option to leave a relationship if it is no longer beneficial to me. I will also respect another person's decision to no longer associate with me for whatever reason. As they say, the customer is always right. Conversely, I always try and render some benefit in a relationship. I try to make people better. This means giving my moral support and my advice. People don't always appreciate this. I know Greta didn't.

I often wonder where I went wrong there, and I already know. I wanted a committed relationship when I know that these relationships don't work. By my habits, I am ideal for a husband. But by my worldview, I am horrible. I am responsible and easy to get along with. But you will not get me to lie to you. You will not have my brain. That is mine. Greta wanted me to be a shithead like her, and I drew the line.

People will enslave you. They will try to get more and more until you have to say enough. It is when you assert your freedom and independence that people hate you. It is when you want to do things your way at your own expense and bearing your own consequences that people utterly despise you. Nevermind that you are taking nothing from them. They will call you the selfish one.

I have been down the security path and the freedom path, and I can tell you that freedom is a lot better. Freedom is worth any sacrifice you make for it. Escape. Get out. Do whatever it takes. But be free.

The Hated

As expected, my family has turned against me, and I am now out in the cold. And so it goes. . .

My father has always hated me. I am a failure to him. Nothing I have ever done for him was good enough. To him, I am a worthless piece of shit. I made the mistake of being born, and he has never let me forget it.

I don't want to be around that man ever again. I don't care to ever see him again. I do not want him in my life. I thought I could forgive, but I know I can't.

I am at peace when I am not around him. I like myself again when I don't have to hear his mouth. I want to live when I am free of him. I lose all those things when I am around him.

If losing my family is what it takes for me to be happy, then I will pay that price. They can hate me. I don't care. I'm not ever getting sucked into that black hole of misery again. I will do whatever it takes.

I may be cold and indifferent to my old man, but I became that way the day I overheard him tell a complete stranger that I was a "worthless son of a bitch." I have tried my best to forget that I heard him say that, but I can't. I realize that this is what he says all the time about me when I am not around. I know it has not stopped. It will never stop.

I teach people how I want to be treated. I teach them that it is OK to shit on me when I put up with their shit. I'm not doing this anymore. I don't care if it is a stranger or a blood relative. I am not a victim. I don't want sympathy. I don't want revenge. I just want to be treated the way people want me to treat them. This means not calling me a worthless son of a bitch.

I want my own life, and I don't want either one of my parents in that life. I like my life, and I intend to keep it. It isn't much, but it is mine. I wake up everyday and go to my job and come home to my apartment. It is all mine. I worked for this. I deserve this. I deserve to be happy.

My father has never been happy unless someone else is miserable. He delights when others fail. He laughs heartily to hear of the faults and downfalls of others. It is sick, and I hate him for it. It is not enough that I am a failure to him. He wants to see me fail, so he can have a laugh at my stupidity.

My family may hate me for this, but they don't hear him laughing at their flaws and their mistakes and gloating at their setbacks and sins. I do. I have heard it my whole life. That man hasn't changed. He is not going to change.

I do not swear blind allegiance to anything and that includes family. Blind allegiance is what got me into the pit of despair I was in not that long ago. When you live for the sake of others, those others will consume you until nothing is left. Then, they will toss you like garbage. Altruists and narcissists have a way of finding each other. I am neither an altruist nor a narcissist.

My values clash with those of my family. This outcome was inevitable. I have always felt this tension. Maybe I am stupid, but I can't let people shit on me. Calling it duty and honor does not cut it for me. There is no greater good. There is only my good. I am selfish. I sacrifice for no one, and no one will sacrifice for me. This is the way it should be.

No one is taking away this life from me. My dad takes it away everytime he opens his mouth. But I can't hear him anymore. I won't listen to him ever again. He thinks my mother is to blame for this. The blame lies with him. I am a worthless son of a bitch. So be it.

The Estranged

I have messed up parents. I don't mean to imply that my parents are alcoholics or any of that type of stuff. They are simply messed up people. Left to themselves, they turned on one another and now are in the process of getting a divorce after 37 years of marriage.

My mother is a nurse and is eerily similar to famous nurses like Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or Annie Wilkes in Misery. I can't watch either of those movies without thinking of my mother. She is a crazy person, and she will destroy your life if you trifle with her.

My father is a bigoted asshole suffering from MS. He has a penchant for cutting remarks and crushing your spirit. He is a dark cloud of negativity who takes his sole delight in the misfortunes of others and their flaws in character. MS has only worsened him, and he is insufferable. The irony of my dad is that people find him to be incredibly funny. My dad is not a comedian, but as Aristotle pointed out, comedy is where people are portrayed as worse than what they actually are. Since this is what my dad does, you will laugh at what he says. Then, you will overhear what he says about you or others will tell you. Then, you will hate the fucker.

I can tell you that I don't give a fuck what other people think about me. But I do care what my father thinks about me. He thinks I am a loser and a piece of shit and a worthless son of a bitch. These are the things he says about me when I am not around. So, I find it difficult to be around him knowing he says these things about me behind my back.

Both my parents have a tendency to reclusiveness. This only increases their insularity. They are people who do not like other people.

I often wonder if I do not suffer from the same pathologies. But I do like people. I can be critical, but I try to be balanced in that criticism. People are not all good or all bad. And I enjoy people. I am fascinated by them and their stories. I love to spend time in cafes or what have you and talk with people about their ideas, their dreams, their work, and their lives.

I get from my dad a gift I call the razor tongue. It is a gift or curse depending upon how it is used. When someone deserves it, I can crush their soul. When someone does not deserve it, I feel very badly. I have made many women and a couple of men cry just by the things I have said.

I haven't spoken to my mother in three years. I spoke to my father this past week, and I can tell he does not think much of my militant atheism. Fuck him. He spends his days pissing and shitting his pants, so I don't give a fuck. I don't care to ever see him again.

It is sad to be this way with the people that raised you. But those two people have caused me more misery than any other people in my life, and I have given them a lot. I want to be happy. And if I am ever in need, I would prefer suicide to asking them for anything.

I only reconciled with my father because of Greta. I still can't believe I was as involved with someone as foolish as her. This is the same woman who likes the fact that she lives two states away from her mother as a "buffer zone." Christ, I can't believe I listened to that stupid bitch.

People may call me heartless on this, but they have no appreciation for how spirit killing my dad can be. For the three years I was estranged from him, I have been very happy. Since reconciling with him, I feel myself sliding back into the old misery and hatefulness. I don't want this. The blame lies with him.

My family may not be happy with me on this, but I can't go back to that dark period I lived under. Life is too short to have it filled with toxic people. If people make you better, keep them around. If they make you worse, get rid of them. My parents made me worse.

DVD-Hannibal Rising

Gaspard Ulliel is Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal Rising which explores the origins of the character Anthony Hopkins made famous in The Silence of the Lambs.

Hannibal Lecter was a boy in Lithuania, and he was traumatized by atrocities during World War II that led to the death of his family including his beloved sister Misha who was killed, cooked, and eaten. The horror of this killed something in Hannibal Lecter, and he became a monster.

The rest of the movie is a revenge epic, and it is great. It is a first rate film. The scenery is gorgeous. The characters are fascinating. Ulliel does a splendid job with the role.

The movie also touches on a bigger theme for me. It is one birthed by the Marquis de Sade and reared in Nietzsche. It has to do with the nature of humanity and our response to it. Hannibal Lecter is a fascinating character because he asks for no mercy and does not give it. But he does operate by a code of conduct. Lecter's victims are clearly deserving of their fate because they are monsters as well. Some are more monstrous than others. Because of this, we are both repelled and fascinated by the character.

Hannibal seems to accept that people are fucked in some way, and the world operates between victims and victimizers. This was the viewpoint of the Marquis de Sade. Hannibal does not have compassion so much as an aesthetic appreciation for things. He cherishes the beautiful and the elegant. He destroys the ugly.

The character of Hannibal Lecter fascinates us because he represents many ideas and a strange way of looking at the world. He embodies both the savage and the sublime. He is a monster, but he is monster who has our sympathy. You root for Hannibal even as you are repulsed by him.

This one is a must see.
Women and their damn hair. I need to find myself a sexy bald chick and date her.
Another suck ass day but sunny.
There are so many things to do and so little time to do them.
I just had a coffee date with a very pretty woman. Very lovely indeed.

The Truth About Greta

(SORRY! This post has been deleted. Greta and I have settled our differences and apologized to one another. I wish her nothing but the best in her life. All is forgiven.)

Mental Resistance and Character Resistance

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't run into mental resistance. This is not to be confused with ignorance or stupidity. Mental resistance is a different thing altogether.

One example of mental resistance would be when my ex-girlfriend was reading The God Delusion and came to a part she didn't like. So, she stopped reading it. That is a clever strategy. Disarm an idea by ignoring or perhaps even suppressing it.

Now, this does not mean that I don't practice mental resistance myself. The reality is that I do, and I am even surprised to discover that I do it. I try not to be that way and to listen without prejudice. But, folks, I can tell you that I waste no time dropping The Watchtower into the nearest wastebasket anytime one is left in my door. I am not afraid of it. I simply know it is garbage, and I don't want to waste time reading something that will not benefit me.

There are a few ideas that I am resistant to. One of those is the idea that economic freedom might not be beneficial to the environment or public health. Being a libertarian, I like the free market a lot. But does it always yield the best result? Could it be dangerous in certain ways?

I try not to shift with every new thing, so I am committed to my ideas. But I have learned to hold them loosely. This is because I was a theist for 30 years, and I realized one day that there was no God. Since then, I keep things in perspective with the knowledge that I might have it all wrong and don't know any better.

My life is filled with discarded ideas. i was very enthusiastic about Stoic philosophy for a time and resistant to Aristotle. Now, I embrace Aristotle. I also believed for a long time that common sense could beat the market until I embraced the Efficient Market Theory.

Mental resistance is where we resist a truth or idea not based on evidence or reason but because of some personal stake. For instance, it is very unlikely that Pope Benedict will become an atheist. It isn't because he has valid reasons for believing in God. He has very personal reasons for believing in God namely it is his living. He will be very resistant to arguments against theism.

It is difficult to walk away from something you have committed your life to. This, ironically, was the sticking point for Greta with Dawkins. When Dawkins claimed that religion was a waste of life, this seminary graduate put the book down. She was done. Maybe I should tell her that I already know a few such graduates who are now atheists.

When you spend money on an education, you expect it to be worth something. But the fact is, from an economic standpoint, most education is a fruitless waste. Sir Isaac Newton wasted his life trying to understand physics, but I am certain my engineer brother appreciates it immensely. My own degree in English lit definitely strikes some people as a waste. It definitely hasn't made me rich. But I make more than a lot of computer science majors, but I make considerably less than my political science major friend. And I know cooking school graduates who make a fucking lot of money. But I am digressing. . .

People don't want to hear the truth when it conflicts with their present projects. I realized this while watching Flip This House. Every house presents unanticipated problems, and no one wants to tell the head guy about it. I find this stupid. Tell the guy he has termite damage or that a floor was made from particle board or the structure does not meet code.

I want people to tell me the truth. I want to know. Even if it hurts or sucks or whatever, I want to know. I usually become more angry instead of less when people withhold the truth. I'd rather hear it than not hear it. I will even punish people for being less than candid with me.

I believe in honesty and candor. It stings at first sort of like hot sauce or wasabi on some sushi. But you get used to it. I get a little thrill from it to be honest with you. But this pain is more than some people can bear. I know this is certainly true for my ex and the one before her and the one before her.

I don't know how to overcome mental resistance. It might help if these people were given enough money to no longer have to work. But I know people who are resistant who don't make their money from the lie, and I know people who stick to the lie for reasons apart from money.

There is also what I call character resistance. This is not to be confused with mental resistance. For instance, my cousin will readily admit that he has a drinking problem, but he has no intentions of giving up drinking. He doesn't deny the problem. He simply will not deal with it. The same thing can be said of smokers, drug addicts, gambling addicts, spendaholics, womanizers, etc.

Between mental resistance and character resistance, character resistance is the hardest to overcome. Turning ideas into action is where most people fail. I know this is where I fail. I can tell you every reason in the world why falling in love with a woman is a really dumb thing to do, but I keep doing it.

I think it is important to differentiate between character resistance and mental resistance. We assume one when it is the other. For instance, I might assume that talking to my cousin about his drinking problem will make a difference. It won't. I might make some headway on his religious beliefs, but his character is entirely up to him. Preaching to people is an utter waste of time.

Every so often, you get mental resistance combined with character resistance. This combination is the worst kind. This is the person who denies they have a problem. This would be my ex-girlfriend on her spending. If she had not exhibited the mental resistance, I probably would still be with her now. And people wonder how I can be so candid about her on my blog. She doesn't read this thing. Even if she did, she would never admit it. That is how total it is for her. But I am digressing. . .AGAIN!

You can't change people. No amount of force can ever do it. But this does not mean that people can't change or won't change. They change all the time. I used to be a born again Christian. My ex was a drunk and is now the most sober person I know. It would not surprise me at all to find her in ten years being a financial planner for people who have made a mess of their finances. So many financial gurus today used to be shitheads mired in debt to their eyeballs.

What sucks for me is that I lose friends and girlfriends over this shit. People wondered how I could date a president of the Sunday School. It never really bothered me. I thought it was neat to be honest. If I only dated atheists, I would never get laid. There just aren't enough of them around.

Anyway, I abandoning this post now with no concluding thought. I don't have an answer to this shit. It is what it is.

Tripping Over the Hole in My Heart

This has been a tough month for me. February 2008 will go down as one of the worst months I have ever endured. I haven't felt this bad since I found my roommate dead from a self-inflicted wound.

I have been making myself move on as best I can. Just when you think the bad feelings have passed, they come right back and drill into your heart. The feelings come and go. Sometimes, I am able to be ecstatic and happy over something. It is a momentary forgetfulness. Then, I crash back to earth again.

I cannot fall in love again. I cannot keep enduring this, and it always ends like this. I feel like someone who has had major surgery and must endure until the wounds heal. I must be insufferable to everyone around me.

I really really REALLY hate this shit. I just want it to stop hurting. How I wish I had never met her. How I wish there was a pill or something that would alleviate this misery. I only have time.

I really hate that bitch. I hate her fucking guts for making me feel like this. I have to strengthen my cynical armor, so that this NEVER happens again. The moment I feel anything for a woman again I will be out of there. No hesitation or explanation. I will be gone.

I'm going to get over this shit. I just have to have faith that things will be better. As my brother said about quitting smokeless tobacco, it sucks and then it doesn't. You just have to push through that shit. I am pushing through this shit.


You think you are over someone, and you realize you are not. It sucks. I really fucking hate this. I am so tired of going through this crap. REBOUNDING SUCKS!

I spend my time trying to stay busy and find things to do.

Hitchens on Dobbs

HEROES-George Clooney

I like George Clooney. I like him as an actor. I also think he is a gorgeous hot stud who I want to make passionate man-love to. Well, not really. But I have to beat people to the punch who will claim I am a homo for having his picture on my blog.

I don't agree with George Clooney's politics. On that front, he is a total shithead. But he is not as shitheaded as Bono. So, I can forgive him for being stupid.

I admire Clooney because of his stance on marriage. He isn't going to do it. EVER. He was already married once, and he learned better. He knows the truth about marriage. He knows it is bullshit.

George has a lot going for him. He is a certified sex symbol. He is rich and famous, and he is a likable kind of guy. He is a nice guy. But with all these things going for him, he has never been able to find lasting happiness in love. He gets laid a lot by some really hot chicks. But he eschews marriage and does so publicly.

I figure if Clooney can't be successful in this area then I can't either. Instead of moping about it, he embraces it. It is what he is.

Clooney has relationships that last about three to four years. They never go much further than that. But Clooney might turn shithead and marry this chick he is seeing now. I hope not.

Clooney is my hero because he demonstrates that you can be happy, have a full life, and also get plenty of ass while remaining a bachelor. It sounds like a quality life to me, and I intend to emulate it.