Failure and Apathy

It is hard being a libertarian especially as you watch the socialist tide sweep this country. I am experiencing a bit of burnout on this and other matters.

Ambivalence is the word I am fishing for. I am ambivalent about a lot of things these days. Before I was fighting the fight. Now, I am just punching the clock. Revolutionaries burn out, too.

I will not give up because I know the reason I pursue these things is for my own sake. Being a libeterian and a freethinker makes my life better even if everyone else is drowning in the Kool-Aid.

The other thing that is getting to me is a belief that my life is going nowhere. But once again, all I can do is get up and work each day.

I think it is very important to diversify when it comes to your projects. Some will fail. Some will do alright. A few will succeed. It is these Black Swans that make the big difference. It is when you weren't expecting something that things really change.