HEROES-George Clooney

I like George Clooney. I like him as an actor. I also think he is a gorgeous hot stud who I want to make passionate man-love to. Well, not really. But I have to beat people to the punch who will claim I am a homo for having his picture on my blog.

I don't agree with George Clooney's politics. On that front, he is a total shithead. But he is not as shitheaded as Bono. So, I can forgive him for being stupid.

I admire Clooney because of his stance on marriage. He isn't going to do it. EVER. He was already married once, and he learned better. He knows the truth about marriage. He knows it is bullshit.

George has a lot going for him. He is a certified sex symbol. He is rich and famous, and he is a likable kind of guy. He is a nice guy. But with all these things going for him, he has never been able to find lasting happiness in love. He gets laid a lot by some really hot chicks. But he eschews marriage and does so publicly.

I figure if Clooney can't be successful in this area then I can't either. Instead of moping about it, he embraces it. It is what he is.

Clooney has relationships that last about three to four years. They never go much further than that. But Clooney might turn shithead and marry this chick he is seeing now. I hope not.

Clooney is my hero because he demonstrates that you can be happy, have a full life, and also get plenty of ass while remaining a bachelor. It sounds like a quality life to me, and I intend to emulate it.