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Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


I don't tell a lot of people this, but I have been a fan of the Harry Potter series for a few years now. It is kind of embarrassing, but I'm a guy who carries a purse at work. I think I can handle the ribbing on this one.

I finally read the last book in the series, and all I can say is that Ms. Rowling has penned a classic that will endure for many many years to come. I can't recommend these books enough. You will enjoy them no matter how old you are.


Women will put out as much bullshit as you are willing to tolerate. Therefore, don't put up with any of it. Tell those bitches to step.


I'm still struggling with this, but I think I may have found the key to winning on this front. I've noticed that I can always get the really important shit done at the last minute. I get this super heightened sense of urgency and pull off impossible feats. When the crisis is averted, I relax again. I think the key is to never relax. You should always push yourself just like you do as if you are going to be late to work. I find I can do shit in ten minutes that would normally take me 30.

How to Be a Player

At the outset, I want to set the record straight. I am not a player. I do not care to be a player. I find the whole thing to be repulsive. The following is the most morally repugnant shit I will ever write.

A player is called a player because love is a game. It is a harsh game where people get hurt. I see it all the time. You may hate this game, but you cannot change the game. The game has always been and will always be. You may choose to play the game, or you may choose not to play the game. But the game remains. This is the part you have to accept.

In order to be a player, you must have a certain degree of moral flexibility. I think it is possible to be a player to a certain extent and still be moral. But most players I know do not follow this path. Some players are married, and their wives do not know. Other players have multiple girlfriends who think they are the only one that belongs to that man, but they would be mistaken. Then, you have players who are out in the open, never commit to a relationship, and inform their women that they are not monogamous. Amazingly, many women accept this arrangement. Don't ask me why. The stupidity of women is limitless.

I have learned not to judge. The reason is because I know that most women are not monogamous either. For instance, I used to have a negative opinion of a married man I knew who was having an affair until I realized that his wife had probably strayed as well. I would find it nauseating to run around on a good woman and break her heart. But I challenge someone to show me a good woman.

The are two kinds of players. The first is the player who engages in sex because it is recreational, and he gets a thrill from it all. It may even be a boost to his ego. The second is the kindhearted man who got fucked over by a woman and now fucks out of revenge. But regardless of the type, players follow the same basic strategies.

I learned these strategies and techniques from observation. I wanted to know how these guys operated, and I still study them and the game. It is ridiculously simple how it is done.

Players follow a strategy of diversification. Non-players like myself follow a pattern. We go out and meet women. We find one that we like and likes us back. We date progressively growing the relationship into something deeper until it ends. Then, brokenhearted, we start all over again with a period of loneliness and bitterness in between otherwise monogamous relationships.

The player cannot be bothered by this arrangement. This is why he diversifies. He refuses to put all his eggs in one basket. A player always has a woman because he takes the effort to amass a network of chicks that he can call up for sexual favors. Because women are fickle lying bitches, the player is safeguarded against their bullshit because he employs negative covariance. One chick may be mad at him and won't put out, but he has another chick on tap that will. The player has options. He is never lonely because he never is alone.

The first step in becoming a player is not to buy a sportscar or buy some snazzy clothes or wear cologne or any of that shit. That is because none of this works. Players will tell you that this shit makes a difference. Trust me, it doesn't. This is because what one woman may like another woman may hate. I have talked to women about certain players, and many of them will express disgust about the man. But I know that man gets laid by a lot of women. I realize that women are not all the same in their tastes. I also know that these women also lie and probably want to have sex with that player. But that is another story.

Most players believe that they have some magic skill with women. This simply is not the case. What they do have is a short memory and a tolerance for rejection. Players simply meet and flirt with as many women as they can. They are always networking these women. In short, players meet a lot of women. Out of this population, they throw themselves at a large proportion of women. Out of this subset, there is a minority of women who find this man attractive. We only see the successes of the player while ignoring the long string of failure that preceded the conquest.

In order to be a player, you simply meet a lot of women. This is easy. You encounter women every day. You can encounter even more women if you frequent bars and clubs where women like to go. The more women you meet the more success you will find.

The error most men make is to persist with a woman who really isn't interested. Don't waste your time. Always be looking for the next woman. You can't make a woman like you or want you no matter how hard you try. What you can do is find a woman who already likes you. In short, you turn over a lot of rocks.

This strategy works whether you choose to be a player or not. I tell all men to quit with the persistence route and work on the diversification route. Simply meet as many as you can. The practical advice I give men is to go out and meet ten women. That's it. Just meet ten women, and you are bound to find one woman who will have your sorry ass. It does work because this is what I have done in order to get laid. When you meet the willing woman, there is little resistance at all. It flows like magic which is why many players think they have some kind of magic power.

Being a player is a numbers game. This is why losers become so adept at being players. They have nothing but time.

As far as grooming, manners, and the rest, all I can say is it doesn't hurt. Look nice, smell nice, dress nice, and act nice. But don't ever think for a moment that this is the magic bullet. All you are doing with the nice act is eliminating the negatives. Believe it or not, there are women who want a dirty man that acts like a jerk. There is no accounting for taste.

Beyond the numbers game, I don't know what to tell you. Save those phone numbers and remember that women are fickle as fuck. They may drop you for no reason at all or call you out of the blue to fuck. As a player put it to me, "You've got to roll with the flow."


Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


I have a certain amout of ambivalence over the Michael Vick case. Clearly, the guy is sadistic, but we are talking about dogs here. As it stands, you will get less time for wifebeating than you will for dogfighting. Vick is looking at a year in the big house. Doesn't seem right to me considering that OJ Simpson killed two people and walked.

I don't believe in cruelty to animals, but I think we are losing perspective here. Considering that I will be consuming some animal flesh later today, I have to wonder if the day will come when eating KFC will be a felony.

I think a more fitting punishment for Vick's crime would be a huge fine for each offense and revocation of his rights to own dogs or any other animals. Prison time is too much.


Turd blossom. What a nickname. Very appropriate.

Folks, people are leaving the White House to get new high paying jobs in the private sectors and/or write books. It is called cashing in, and it happens at the end of each administration. Expect more people to leave in the months ahead.


Women are just complete pains in the ass. I can't hide my contempt for them long enough to fuck them anymore. In order to get laid, you must pretend to be nice which has gotten too hard for me.

Here's a true story for you. I met this girl over in Sumter, and we had sex twice. She wanted to be my girlfriend, so I "agreed." I knew it was bullshit, but I played along. Anyway, I'm hanging out with her and the kids and her son blurts out, "Hey, mommy, is this man going to stay the night like that other man did last night?"

It was all I could do to not start laughing right then and there. So much for my "girlfriend."

As for my ex-girlfriend, I've been talking to her straight up to Friday afternoon when I fell off a cliff again. I know I will never hear from her again. I knew this Friday.

The contempt comes from the fact that I know what these worthless bitches are going to do before they even do it. I suppose this is progress that women are now predictable to me. The downside is that they are predictably bad. Basically, women will cheat on you, take your money, abandon you when you need them, and use the fuzziest of logic to make it look like your fault. And they wonder why I can't commit.

Probably the one thing that has cost me pussy has been the candor I have shown on this blog. I already know why I got dumped by my ex. I tell it like it is. I'm not a smooth lying piece of shit. I can be when I need to be, but I am nasueated now by the utter fakery.

Women exist on a steady diet of lies and bullshit. Watch Oprah to get a taste of this. They do not have a firm grasp on reality. I am a compulsive truth teller, and they despise me for it. It is what it is.

I am at the point now where anything is fair game. Men should lie to women, use them for sex, and discard them for rubbish.


I'm still struggling on this one, but I think I could save a lot of time if I quit chasing tail. I think there comes a point in every man's life when he realizes that women are a dead end, and they throw themselves completely into their work. I'm at that point.

Basically, my evenings and weekends are black holes of time wasting. This was a habit developed during three months with my ex-girlfriend and which has carried over into my current existence. It's time to end these habits and get some shit done.

Stewart Wins!!!

Tony Stewart has salvaged my suck ass weekend by winning the race at Watkins Glen. I was also laughing at the Harvick-Montoya altercation. Juan Pablo is pissing off a lot of people with his driving style, but that wreck that took both him and Harvick out was not Montoya's fault.

I was also pleased to see Jeff Gordon spin out and lose the lead to Stewart. That was the highpoint of my weekend. It doesn't get better than that.


Suck Ass Weekend

This weekend so far realy sucks. I think only a Tony Stewart victory at Watkins Glen could pull this one out for me.

My first bit of depressing news is that Ron Paul was a blip in the Iowa Straw Poll. Considering that top guys like Giuliani, McCain, and Thompson weren't in it and that Paul placed behind a nobody like Mike Huckabee, this does not fare well for the campaign. I expected Ron Paul to place second behind Romney. Instead, we have Snakes on a Plane.

The reality is that the libertarian viewpoint is probably a permanent minority viewpoint. It is what it is. I was hoping the ISP would gain Paul some mainstream attention, but it just isn't going to happen.

In other stuff, I have had to deal with various women in my life over the weekend, and I have reached the conclusion that they are all nuts. One of the things that has really blown my mind is how many women I meet who are on meds and have a diagnosis of "bipolar disorder." Over the last two weeks, I have met four.

I can't reiterate enough how right Aristotle was on women. They are without virtue. They lack rationality. You can't trust them. The evidence for this is overwhelming. I have grown absolutely frustrated dealing with any woman. They lack constancy and logic. They love you one minute and hate you the next. And every one of these women tells me how they can't stand being around other women. Most women are misogynists, too.

Finally, I have ended a friendship with someone I cared about a great deal. This friend is a woman which makes it so remarkable for someone like me. But I realize that men and women can't be friends. It never works out. It has been pointed out to me by others that I am in love with this friend because I spend so much time talking to her and talking about her. I am just in denial over it. This may be true. But I should feel some pain over not having her in my life. I don't. The reality is that this friend of mine has flattered herself at my expense and even gone so far as to use me. I don't need friends like this. Naturally, she isn't sorry for any of it.

I am pretty much condemned to being a loner for the rest of my life. I console myself with the reality that most people face the same shit I do. Rampant infidelity and divorce show that this is true. You'd have to be an idiot to ever get married. I'm with George Clooney now. No marriage and no kids. Cynicism wins.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


Baseball has been changed forever with Bonds breaking Hank Aaron's home run record. I have never seen such an achievement greeted with such ambivalence.

2. 50 CENT

Rapper 50 Cent has a beef with Kanye West and vows to quit his career if he fails to outsell West on his upcoming album. Damn. Personally, I like both performers, but a beef is good entertainment. . .until somebody gets shot.


The award goes to the shithead at AT&T who elected to censor Pearl Jam's political content bashing George Bush on an internet broadcast. Personally, I think politics should stay out of entertainment, but that is a personal preference. If I ran any kind of network, I would let people say what they wanted. Candor is a good thing even if some stupid shit gets said from time to time.

Ron Paul and Victory

The Iowa Straw Poll is today, and Mitt Romney is the heavy favorite to win it. But it would be amazing if Ron Paul did. But as a libertarian, I have gotten used to seeing my hopes dashed.

No matter how you look at it, the Ron Paul for 2008 campaign is something special. To me, we have already won a victory by moblilizing a lot of people to do something. It has brought together groups who would never have met or thought they had anything in common. Ron Paul has also put to rest the notion that there is no option. Dr. Paul is an option for those wanting honest and principled leadership.

The reason Dr. Paul won't win is because the vast majority of the American public has shit-for-brains. This is the bottom line. There is a sizable minority of Americans like me who believe in freedom and have a decent understanding of economics and the importance of free markets. But the rest of the country will continue to give their votes and support to the scumbags who promise them the most slop from the public trough. Nevermind that this system can't last and hurts the country as a whole. As long as people keep getting their government checks or believe the government is doing the right thing by tearing up other countries, you can expect more of the same.

But I am doing what I can for the campaign. It isn't much, but I am getting the word out, passing out DVD's, etc. I am trying to get people motivated on this stuff, and I think some of them will come around. Hopefully, a good showing in Iowa will get Dr. Paul some more mainstream exposure, and we can take this campaign to the next level.

Vote for Ron Paul!!

3 Categories

I catch a lot of flak for my misogyny, and the criticism I hear most often is "not all women are like that." I have to agree. Not all women are the same. So, I ask myself, what would Aristotle do? Well, Ari would come up with a classification system, and that is what I have done. Herewith, the three catgeories of women:

Category 1
These are your gold diggers and sluts. They are bad news for men looking for a relationship. These bitches can't ever remain faithful. They are the bad women. These are the ones to bone but otherwise leave them alone. They will lie to you, cheat on you, steal from you, and break your heart.

Category 2
These are good women with no brains. They are faithful to their man except they always go for a man who is an utter piece of shit. It is hardwired into their brains. They can meet good men, but they will either play games with them or walk all over them in order to be with the scum of the earth. They are retarded, lacking in common sense, and have no self-respect. These women are doormats, and they deserve everything they get.

Category 3
These are good women with brains. They are faithful women who are good, industrious, reliable, and trustworthy. They are worth their weight in gold but about as rare as that precious metal. They are good mothers and faithful wives who never cheat. They wish they had a good man and will keep their man in line with a firm hand. But if he cheats, she will not hesitate to get rid of his ass. That is because the Category 3 girl has self-respect and smarts. There is no bullshit with the Category 3 girl.

There is no fourth category of women. Some people will write to me to differ, but this taxonomy is complete. Naturally, every woman thinks she is a Category 3 girl, but she isn't. I can count every Cat 3 chick I know on one hand. Sad to say, every one of them was taken. I wait for their men to fuck up, so I can catch them on the rebound. It is like a game of musical chairs.

Whenever I meet a woman, I drop her in one of these three categories. I expect these women to ask me which category they are in now that I have put together this classification system. All I can say is that the truth hurts. And for what it is worth, Category 3 women never have to ask. They already know who they are.

Random Thoughts on Various Subjects


Too much steadicam for me.


If you wonder why bridges that are needed are crumbling while we get new bridges built in Buttfuck, Alaska, I have one word for you--EARMARKS.


I am failing in a big way on this one. My best tips are these--check email twice a day and turn off your phone and IM.


I'm taking up running again. I used to do it when I lived in Florida, and it felt great. Lost a lot of weight and had a lot of stamina. The only problem is that running cuts into social time a great deal. I used to feel the strain of being with people and the need to get in a few miles. I think that's why they call it the loneliness of the long distance runner.

I like running because it is cheap and convenient and devoid of the narcissism you find in the gym. Plus, it gives me time to think. I'm going to be selfish on this shit and do it everyday.


I am one of the fans who take the bullshit from everybody else, but it makes me happy as hell when Tony wins. I don't see how people can pull for Gordon or Junior. But that's just me. I hope Tony keeps racing for at least another ten years.