Pissed Again

I am pissed off again at the bitch that dumped me. I do alright for awhile and then it builds up again. Then, I vent and feel better.

I hate her. I hate her because she dumped me like a piece of garbage. I hate her because she couldn't dump me to my face. I hate for telling me she would never hurt me. That is particularly nauseating. I hate her for saying that she loved me when it was obviously a lie. I hate her for not even giving me a reason when I asked her. All I got was that Lifetime Channel feminine psychobabble.

She knows she is a worthless bitch. She chided me for being so jaded on this shit. Then, she justified every reason I have for hating women. And to add insult to injury, I am being "selfish" because I'm only thinking about my feelings on this shit instead of the fact that she is hurting, too. I didn't dump her. She dumped me. I'm supposed to feel sorry for her? Christ, I can't believe that shit.

I will be damned if I'm going to ever suffer in silence on this shit again. I will show my ass every time from now on. I felt guilty because I thought I was being unfair to her and making her pay for the sins of others. But in no way has she been different from any other woman.

I didn't do anything wrong here. She did. Yeah, she did some nice things for me, but that was about the only way she could ever get in to hurt me. She was the Trojan Horse of Bitches. Now, I know even the nice ones aren't nice at all.

I have no sympathy for her. She clearly had no sympathy for me. She didn't apologize or anything. She never explained herself or even tried to work things out. Like a foolish high schooler, she woke up one day and didn't "feel the love." So, she bailed like the cowardly bitch she is. Remember, this is the woman who reamed my ass for not wanting to ever marry as "playing house" as if I was the immature person. The fact is that I know how people are hurt in those situations. When you're married, you'll have to endure that breakup for a year or more.

She was the immature person. She's just a child. She doesn't know shit about anything. And I don't know shit about anything to be stupid enough to get involved with her.

This is my last post on this shit. It is done. I just have to eat shit for a couple of more days as I process her out of my system. I just want to stop hurting and forget her. I'll probably find relief in the arms of another woman.